Grants for Local Area Apiary Inspectors

Since 1995, the Department of Agriculture has offered grants to local beekeeper associations for the inspection of honeybee colonies.  The association grants of $1,470 each.  The grant money is used to pay bee inspectors selected by their association who are willing and qualified to inspect honeybee colonies in the geographical area that the association state has made available the sum of $22,050 to be divided into 15 grants.  A grant is obtained for an association by completing a grant contract provided by this office and sending it into the Administration and Grants Division at the Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville .  Since the number of grants is limited to 15, the grants are awarded in the order of receipt of the contracts (“first come first serve basis”).  County or Area Beekeeping Associations interested in applying for one of these Apiary Inspection grants should contact the State Apiarist. A list providing the names and telephone numbers of the local inspectors working under the grants will be available online once the grants are awarded.