Honey Bees for Pollination

The Pollination list is provided so that growers can find beekeepers that would like to supply their colonies to pollinate crops. Beekeepers and growers should prepare a pollination contract to understand what is expected from both parties. On the registration cards is a sentence toward the bottom that reads, “Would you like to rent your bees for pollination of crops?”  If you answer “No”, your name will not appear on the Pollination List.  If you answer “Yes”, your name, address, county, telephone number, and the number of colonies you have available will appear on the Pollination List.  Each year in the fall, a list is made from registered beekeeper records that include all of this information for the beekeepers willing to offer their pollination services.  The list is sent to County Extension Agents; university extension faculty that works with fruits and vegetables; and the list is passed out at the Tennessee Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association meeting held annually.  This reflects the Department of Agriculture's efforts to partner beekeepers and the fruit and vegetable growers together for their mutual benefit.