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Contact the Tennessee Department of Agriculture

For US Postal Service mail:

Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Ellington Agricultural Center
P.O. Box 40627
Nashville, TN 37204

Shipping Addresses:
* Please note that building numbers also serve as a reference for 911 emergencies.

Moss Administration Building – 440 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220 -9029
(Commissioner, Budget, Human Resources, Public Affairs)

Administration Annex (formerly Agricultural Resources) – 432 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220
(Boll Weevil Program, Special Projects, Administrative Support)

Lou Wallace Library – 442 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220
(General Counsel)

Porter Building - 436 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220
(Consumer and Industry Services, L.H. “Cotton” Ivy Lab, Kord Animal Health Diagnostic Lab and Information Technology)

Jennings Building – 430 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220
(USDA Veterinary Services, Weights and Measures)

Holeman Building – 424 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220
(Market Development, Market News Service, Tennessee Ag Enhancement Program, Land and Water Stewardship, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service)

Commodity Distribution – 420 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220

Ed Jones Auditorium – 416 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220

Property and Motor Pool Management – 410 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220

Bruer Building – 406 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220
(Forestry, Pesticide Testing, Accounts, Agricultural Crime Unit)

Tennessee Agricultural Museum – 404 Hogan Rd. Nashville 37220

Other Buildings:

Showbarn and Stalls – 400 Hogan Rd. 37220
(Metro Nashville Police Horse Mounted Patrol)

UT Extension – 5201 Marchant Dr. Nashville 37211
(Central Region Office and Soil, Plant and Pest Center)

Termite Master Technician Training Center – 5205 Marchant Dr. Nashville 37211

General Services Facility Administration – 5209 Marchant Dr. Nashville 37211

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency – 5107 Edmondson Pike Nashville 37211

TWRA Region 2 Building – 5105 Edmondson Pike Nashville 37211

General Information:

Tennessee Department of Agriculture – 615-837-5103 or TN.Agriculture@TN.gov

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency – 615-781-6500 or Ask.TWRA@tn.gov

UT Extension – 615-832-6550

USDA Veterinary Services – 615-781-5310

USDA National Agricultural Statistic Service – 615-781-5300

To Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse

If you observe any activity which you consider to be illegal, improper or wasteful use of Department of Agriculture resources please contact TDA's internal auditor Shannon Klonowski at (615) 837-5191 or the State Comptroller's Fraud Hotline at 1-800-232-5454.