Directional Sign Program

Agritourism Tourist Oriented Direction Signs (TODS)

Do you have problems with getting people to your farm without getting lost? Do you want professional signage to guide visitors to your farm? Then you may want to look into getting an Agritourism Tourist Oriented Direction Sign. These new signs have a special Agritourism icon that will identify your business as an Agritourism Operation. The Agritourism icon is the Pick Tennessee Products barn with the rising sun in the background. The Agritourism icon is very attractive and will make your TODS more noticeable than a normal TODS.

The TODS program is for agritourism tourist related businesses in rural areas. The signs are installed at the nearest intersection with a state route in order to direct motorists off the main route to the local streets. TODS are an inexpensive option to direct travelers to your business.

To apply for the TODS program fill out attached application or call Eric Jackson with TDOT at 615-741-0802.

Tourist-Oriented Directional Sign (TODS) Qualifications

The Logo Program

The Interstate LOGO Program is the state's interstate sign program that directs travelers to Gas, Food, Lodging, Camping, and Attractions. These signs are for businesses located near an interstate interchange and help to advise travelers when to exit. Attractions which meet current guidelines may be signed up to 15 miles from the interstate.

To apply for the LOGO program:

Tennessee Logos, Inc.
1993 Southerland Drive
Nashville, TN 37207
Phone: 844.208.5646 OR 615.650.2729

Specific Service Signs (Logo Signs) Qualifications

Local Roads

There are currently no specific standards for the types of guide signs needed along local roads for these programs, but it is generally recommended that if possible, the local road trailblazer signs match those used along the state highway system.
For the LOGO program, additional trailblazers may be purchased from the LOGO contractor and eligible businesses should contact their local county or city government to arrange to have these sign installed.