GrapevinesFarmers across Tennessee have been diversifying and expanding their operations to include new crops for years. One such crop that has continuously gained popularity with Tennessee farmers since 1980’s is grapes. Our state now has more than 200 farmers raising grapes and over 70 licensed wineries processing that fruit. Some grapes grown in Tennessee are sold fresh from the farm or at farmers’ markets while the majority is sold to the wineries. Tennessee was a major producer of grapes long before Napa Valley entered the industry. Now Tennessee vineyards and wineries are producing quality grapes and award-winning wines once again.

Bordering states’ wine industries and consumer demand for local grapes continue to grow. This demand coupled with our climate, soils and location make grapes a viable alternative crop for many Tennessee farmers. Contact us to learn more about how the Tennessee Department of Agriculture can help you in planning, developing and marketing your vineyard.

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