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Who is an Agritourism Producer?

For the purposes of TAEP, an eligible Agritourism operation currently offers on-the-farm experiences incorporating or relating to production agriculture for a fee or for purchase and is aimed at increasing profitability of the operation.
• Farm education (tours of production agriculture)
• Farm activities (pick your own, fee-fishing)
• Farm fun (corn maze, hayrides)
• Farm purchases (retail sales of farm’s agricultural products)

Agritourism Applicant Requirements

• Only one Application B, per premises or property, per family owned land, per household, per business, per application period is allowed.
• Applicants must meet all state and local regulations to be eligible for reimbursement.

Agritourism Producer Cost Share Opportunities

Standard Producer – 35% Cost Share - $10,000 Maximum
All approved applicants with Agritourism projects are eligible for 35% cost share.
There are no special requirements for 35% cost share.

Master Producer – 50% Cost Share - $15,000 Maximum
To be eligible for 50% cost share, all approved applicants with Agritourism projects must complete all special
requirements prior to the program reimbursement deadline of May 1, 2015.

Special Requirements for 50% Cost Share
1. Tennessee Agritourism Conference or North American Farm Direct Marketing Association (NAFDMA) – must attend (1)
2. Sector eligible educational course – must attend (1)

Additional Special Requirement Information
  • All sector special requirements must be completed by the applicant prior to the program reimbursement deadline May 1, 2015.
  • The registered name for the special requirement must be the same name as the individual applying for cost share funding.
  • Applicant must have participated in events from 2012-2015.
  • Visit the Producer Diversification Course Requirements Calendar to view upcoming courses that will apply towards the Agritourism special requirements.

What Agritourism Projects Qualify for TAEP?

The proposed activity/project must encompass quality expansion or improvement of the applicant’s farm and business. The eligible categories are: Farm Infrastructure, Specialty Equipment and Marketing. Examples of eligible and ineligible items are provided below.

Competitive Projects -- Agritourism:

• Emphasis is given to projects that focus on long term public use considerations that increase opportunities for profitability.
• Marketing projects that are long term in nature are also encouraged to enhance outreach of the farm to the public.

Examples of Eligible Items:
  • Not all eligible items are listed; please contact the Producer Diversification Coordinator for project eligibility or clarification prior to applying for TAEP cost share.
  • All eligible items requested may not be approved due to the competitive evaluation of the program.

FOR 2015 ONLY: Registration for the NAFDMA convention is eligible for cost share in 2015.

This event will be held in Nashville. Learn more by visiting

DVD – educational, not for resale
Hand washing stations
Handicap accessible areas
Hay ride wagon
Lighting – public areas
Parking areas (new) – gravel or pavement
Pavilions – educational
Public address (PA) systems – educational

Restroom facilities - descriptions
Retail shelters - descriptions
Safe way areas
Seating – for commercial
Signs – certain dimensions
Tables – for commercial
Tents – for commercial
Website development – see ineligible

Examples of Ineligible Items – Most Commonly Requested

Arena – livestock
Barn – livestock, storage
Bed & Breakfast projects
Building – storage
Building – show facility
Cash Registers
Concession Stands/kitchens
Containers - bottles, pots
Electrical service bills
Fees – membership, hosting, domain
Flyers - promotional
General Inputs
Give-a-way items
Golf Carts
Labor – applicant or employees of applicant

Land – clearing of
Maintenance of existing structures
Meeting expenses
Motorized vehicles
Motorized rides
Office equipment
Point of Sale Systems
Product development
Property – purchase or debt payment
Renovations of existing structures
Salaries, Wages, Benefits
Store – for resale of goods
Trade show expenses
Trailers – livestock
Used equipment
Water source creation – ponds/wells
Website – annual or hosting fees
Wells – drilling of

For additional information call 1-800-342-8206 or email
Click here for more references
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