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Producer Diversification

Eligible Industry
Application Proposal
Standard Producer
Priority Area
Fruits and Vegetables
Honey Bees
Value-Added Products
Required for all
$10,000 Max
$15,000 Max

2014 Producer Diversification Course Calendar

PROGRAM GOALS: Encourage agricultural producers to expand or improve their operations through the production of  diversified agricultural products.

Application Period: June 1 - 7, 2014
2014 Program Reimbursement Deadline: May 1, 2015
MASTER PRODUCER - Special Requirements for 50% Cost Share

Each industry sector has an opportunity to receive a 50% cost share.
Events or certifications that qualify are listed below.

A full list of eligible events with locations is available in each sector criteria sheet.
These are updated as new events are scheduled.

  • Applicants must attend certain events related to their operation or obtain required certification
  • Applicants must have participated in events from 2012 - 2015
  • All certifications must be completed by the applicant prior to the program reimbursement deadline


Must have attended two events from the list below.
One event MUST be an Agritourism Conference or Direct Marketing Sense Course.

2013 Agritourism Program Criteria

Fruits and Vegetables

The Fruits and Vegetables sector includes Viticulture. Applicant has two options to qualify for 50% cost share.
Option 1
Applicant must have attended two events from the list below. One event MUST be a Tennessee Horticultural Expo.

Option 2
Producers that are GAP certified through an up to date audit at the time of reimbursement can qualify for 50% with their certification.

2013 Fruits and Vegetables Program Criteria

Honey Bees

Applicant must complete the UT Master BeeMaster Course prior to reimbursement deadline.

2013 Honey Bees Criteria


Applicant must complete the UT Master Nursery Program prior to reimbursement deadline.

2013 Horticulture Program Criteria


Applicant must be USDA certified or working towards certification to qualify. Include copy of certification or letter from the certifying agency verifying that you are working towards certification. Producer must be certified at time of reimbursement.

2013 Organic Program Criteria

Value - Added Products

Applicant must complete the following courses prior to the reimbursement deadline.

2013 Value-Added Program Criteria

Producer Diversification Guidelines
Application Review Criteria

  • The application questionnaire and budget must be typed in requested format.
  • Applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis by industry sector. TDA staff will conduct application reviews.
  • Only applications that are complete and include sufficient information will be considered for evaluation.
  • The application must merit financial support, clearly state objectives, provide a sound work plan and prove applicant expertise necessary to successfully complete project. An on-site visit or meeting may be required as part of the evaluation process.

Cost Share Project Criteria
Proposed activities for cost share must demonstrate significant potential for increasing farm income through the improvement or expansion of farm or agribusiness operations involving the production of diversified agricultural products. In addition, proposed activities must:

  • Be market driven and have a viable marketing plan.
  • Establish something new, not maintain on-going projects.
  • Meet all state and local food safety and regulatory requirements.
  • Produce long term benefits for the farm.
  • Encourage future farm growth.

Project Categories
The cost share project may include items from three categories of eligible expenses. The overall project may include items from one or more categories. Some elaborate projects include items from all three categories. Examples of eligible and ineligible items per category are listed below.


Installations that facilitate the production of diversified agricultural products.
Infrastructure must be built on applicant owned land or land owned by a member of the the application's immediate family. Activities must have a life span of least three years. Labor is only reimbursable if quoted and performed by a contractor. Labor is not eligible for reimbursement if performed by the applicant or their employees.

Eligible Examples
Ineligible Examples
  • Greenhouses
  • Retail shelters
  • Pavilions
  • Public use considerations – hand washing stations, lighting, parking areas, restroom facilities, safe way areas
  • Clearing of land & general landscaping
  • Fencing
  • General maintenance/renovations
  • Barns, storage facilities, show facilities
  • Permits
  • Water source creation - ponds or wells

Promotional efforts that benefit the expansion or improvement of diversified agricultural operations. Emphasis is placed on activities that are innovative to the operation and/or have long-term benefits. It is recommended that marketing activities involve professional agencies/services. Trade shows are not eligible for funding unless they are part of a TDA program.

Eligible Examples
Ineligible Examples
  • Signs
  • Web site development
  • E-commerce systems
  • Advertising - billboard, brochures, print, radio, television
  • Give-a-way promotional items
  • General office equipment and supplies
  • Trade shows

Specialized tools or equipment that aids in the production of diversified agricultural products. Items must have a life span of at least three years. Used equipment is not eligible.

Eligible Examples
Ineligible Examples
  • Automated harvesters
  • Chilling units/coolers
  • Custom crushers
  • Greenhouse heaters
  • Spray & irrigation equipment
  • General motorized equipment - ATVs, forklifts, golf carts, mowers, tractors, trucks
  • General Inputs - fertilizer, fuel, operational supplies, pesticides, seed stock
  • Used equipment
Examples of Eligible Cost Share Activity by Industry Sector

• Hand washing stations
• Handicap accessible areas
• Lighting – public areas
• Parking areas – gravel or  
• Pavilions – educational
• Public address (PA) systems
• Restroom facilities
• Retail shelters
• Safe way areas
• Signs
• Web site development
• 2013 Additional program criteria

Honey Bees:
• Apiaries must be registered with    the State of Tennessee
• Minimum requirements include
  three years beekeeping
  experience  and minimum of ten   (10) existing colonies
  Eligible Items:
  • Apiary expansion
  • Honey processing equipment
  • Honey processing facilities     (Minimum five years beekeeping     experience and thirty (30) existing     colonies)

  • Trailers for pollination service
  • 2013 Additional program criteria

• Flail mower
• Greenhouse
• Hoop house
• Irrigation
• Roller crimper
• Spader
• 2013 Additional program criteria    

Fruits & Vegetables:
• Apple/peach liners for orchards
• Blackberry/blueberry/raspberry stock
• Chilling units
• Freezer
• Grape vine stock
• Greenhouse
• Greenhouse fans and heaters
• Harvest containers
• Irrigation
• Packing facility
• Plastic mulch layer
• Row covers
• Sprayers
• Trellis materials for berries and vines
• Walk-in cooler

• 2013 Additional program criteria

• Greenhouse
• Irrigation system
• Packing facility
• Cold storage
• Potting wagon
• Sprayer
• Tree spade
• 2013 Additional program criteria

Value-Added Products Must utilize raw product from the applicant's farm as the source for any processed product
• Cold storage
• E-commerce development
• Loading dock
• Retail shelters
• Packaging equipment
• Processing equipment
• Web site development
• 2013 Additional program criteria

Examples of Ineligible Items

• Advertising
• Arena – livestock
• Barn – livestock
• Building – lodging, show facility,
• Cash registers
• Chemicals/pesticides
• Concession stands
• Containers – bottles, pots
• Driveways
• Electrical service bills
• Fees – membership, hosting,
• Fencing
• Fertilizer
• Fuel
• Give-a-way promotional items
• General inputs
• Ingredients
• Labor – applicant or employees
  of applicant
• Landscaping
• Land – clearing of

• Livestock
• Maintenance/renovations of existing
• Meeting expenses
• Merchandise
• Motorized equipment/vehicles
• Motorized amusement rides
• Office equipment/supplies
• Permits
• Plants

Point of sale systems
• Product development
• Property – purchase or debt payment
• Rent
• Salaries, wages, fringe benefits
• Seeds – produce, nursery, flowers, etc
• Software
• Trade shows
• Trailers – livestock
• Used equipment
• Water source creation –ponds/wells
• Winemaking equipment

For additional information call 1-800-342-8206 or email
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