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Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services
404 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 1300
Nashville Tennessee 37243
Phone: (615) 532-0506
FAX: (615) 532-8098

Fiscal Services supports the BOP mission by providing a variety of services. Fiscal Services staff hold themselves to high accountability standards for state resources and compliance with state rules and regulations, while working to promote those standards throughout the agency. The division's primary goal is to provide accurate information and services to all staff as timely and as efficiently as possible.

The Fiscal Services Division is governed not only by agency policies and procedures, but also by those of external organizations. Compliance with the rules of the Department of Finance and Administration, the Comptroller of the Treasury and the Department of General Services is critical. In addition, governmental accounting standards must also be considered in many of the division's operations.

The responsibilities of Fiscal Services are varied and include:

  • General Accounting for BOP
    • Accounts payables
    • Revenue collection and reconciliations
  • Offender Fee Accounting
    • Fee collections
    • Fee reconciliations
  • Purchasing and Equipment Leasing
  • Contract Management
    • Agency contract review
    • Community Corrections grants
  • Facility Leasing and Monitoring
  • State Property Management
    • Inventory control of equipment
    • Maintenance and disposal of state property and equipment
  • Miscellaneous Administrative Services
    • Printing
    • Records Management
    • Communications
    • Forms
    • Publications