Wireless/VOIP Contacts

Wireless and VoIP - Network Operations Centers / Subscriber Assistance

Listed below is a revised list of the trouble reporting centers for various wireless and VoIP service providers or related service provisioning agencies. Numbers shown in boldface type represent a change since the last bulletin.

Notify the NOC to report misrouted calls, outages or service interruptions. To request help with tracing a call, or for routine inquiries, you may contact the carrier(s) below directly.

Please notify the TECB Chief of 911 Technical Services if you discover errors with this list at 615-253-3705. For a complete listing of numbers, go to cid.nena.org.

Company NENA ID(s)
Shown on ALI
Phone Number for
Network Related Problems
(Misrouted Calls, etc.)
Phone Number for
Subscriber Issues
(trace, etc.)****
Advantage*** ( DTC) ADVG TCS 615-464-2355
Alltel*** (owned by Verizon) ALLTEL/ACIW Intrado 800-852-2671
AT&T Mobility (New Cingular Wireless) ATTMO TCS 800-635-6840 Option 4 800-635-6840
Cellular South CSPIR 601-941-2882
Charter (VoIP) CHTR 866-229-0111 then Option 2
Charter (non-VoIP) 888-706-7089
866-248-7662 #3
ClearTalk*** (NTCH) (Inspiris) (SI Wireless) (Mobile Nations) (CANCELLED) Intrado 618-351-9050
Comcast (VoIP) CMCST Intrado  800-839-6707 877-249-7306
Compass (VoIP) N/A Not applicable 800-959-3749 (TCS for now)
Cricket*** (aka LEAP) LEAP TCS 866-688-6058**
DeltaCom (EarthLink) DLT 800-374-2350
Frontier (VoIP) CZNE Intrado 866-257-9083
Frontier(Wireless issues–stand-alones) CZNE Intrado 800-469-6519
Intrado (Wireless issues) ICOMM Not applicable 800-514-1851 Option 1
Intrado (VoIP issues) TRDO Not applicable 800-514-1851 Option 1
Intrado (ALI link problems – standalone PSAPs only) Not applicable Not applicable 720-494-6633
Level 3 / ACN (VoIP) HTJ TCS 877-453-8353 Option 3
Nextel*** Boost Mobile NXTL Intrado 866-398-3284
Onstar Not applicable 866-866-5006
SI Wireless (Ericsson) SIW 618-351-9050
Sprint/Nextel*** SPPCS Intrado 866-398-3284 888-877-7330
Suncom / Triton SCOM Intrado 866-783-9557
TCS (Wireless & VoIP) TCS Not applicable 800-959-3749
T-Mobile (Power-Tel) TMOB T-Mobile 866-783-9557 973-292-8911
Time Warner(VoIP)* TWCBL Intrado 877-777-2263
Tracfone (and SafeLink, Net10 & StraightTalk) 800.820.8632
US Cellular (Eloqui) USCC Intrado 800-510-6091 630-875-8270 Opt. 1
Verizon*** VZW TCS 800-852-2671 800-451-5242
Verizon Business (VoIP type services) MCI 800-333-9873
Virgin Mobile (Prepaid Service) 866-398-3284 877-856-7504**
Vonage (VoIP) VNAGE TCS 866-293-5674
WK&T (formerly Yorkville & West KY)*** YTC, YCI TCS 731-643-6121 270-492-1000
XO Communications XO 866-966-8975 800-464-4402