Forms & Downloads

Course Application

Lesson Plan [pdf]
Training Schedule [pdf]


Applying for POST Credit

In-Service Training Roster [pdf]
Specialized Training Substitution Form [pdf]
Application for College-University Credit [pdf]


New Officer Application

Application for Officer Certification [pdf]
Confirmation of Medical Examination [pdf]
Confirmation of Psychological Examination [pdf]


Application for Specialized Certifications

Application for Training Officer [pdf]
Application for Instructor Certification [pdf]



Decertification Request [pdf]


Salary Supplement

2016 Salary Supplement Instructions [pdf]
2016 Salary Supplement Request [pdf]
2016 Salary Supplement Reporting Roster [pdf]
2017 Training Plan Notification [pdf]


Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act  (LEOSA)

Request for Initial LEOSA Eligibility [pdf]
LEOSA Renewal Application [pdf]






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