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Continuous Quality Improvement

To ensure the highest quality of care at the least expense to Tennessee taxpayers, Clinical Services is committed to Statewide Continuous Quality Improvement, a comprehensive program of evaluation and research. The mission of the Statewide Continuous Quality Improvement Committee (SCQI) is to:

- Promote wellness among offenders in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Correction in a consistent manner throughout the state.

- Identify opportunities for improvement that impact inmate health care, then evaluate and recommend corrective actions for operational and/or clinical management.

- Demonstrate improvement in the quality of care through measured outcomes.

- Identify areas of potential liability. Recommend corrective action to prevent occurrence of events that lead to increased liability.

The SCQI committee is divided into three subcommittees: Morbidity & Mortality, Pharmacy & Therapeutics, and Peer Review. Teams of experienced clinicians and administrators meet on a regular basis to review, evaluate and make recommendations for improvement for all services.

Internship & Practicum Programs

Clinical Services has partnered with accredited post-secondary educational institutions to provide clinical training for students endeavoring to obtain licensure and/or certification in psychology, counseling, social work, nursing or related profession. In partnership with the vendors for health and mental health services, the division lends support to those students endeavoring to meet the required curriculum for successful completion of the clinical, counseling, educational psychology/sociology or nursing program. Internship/Practicum supervision is provided by appropriately licensed state and/or contracted clinicians, who ensure that the university practicum/internship standards are honored.

For more information, interested persons may contact the division at

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