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Office of Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services sets the policy standards for the delivery of offender mental health services and evaluates the care provided throughout the department's system. Mental Health Services performs mental health screenings, extensive mental health appraisals and evaluations. Tennessee's correctional system provides offenders with access to a continuum of treatment services including medication management, psychotherapy and case management. This office is also responsible for the Sex Offender Treatment Board.

The TDOC strives to improve quality of life for offenders by ensuring access to quality mental health care that reduces the debilitating effects of serious mental illness which, in turn, helps to ensure the safety of prison staff, offenders, volunteers, prison visitors, and the community. Mental Health Services is initiating a major effort to provide the best possible care by initiating Centers of Excellence based on Levels of Care.

Scope of Mental Health Services

Crisis Intervention Psychiatric Medication Management
Lab Related to Medication Management Psychological Testing
Mental Health Programming for Each Level of Care, Which Includes Individual and Group Therapy, as well as Other Pro-social Life Skills Residential Sex Offender Treatment
Multi-disciplinary Mental Health Treatment Teams Sheltered Living for Seriously and Persistently Mentally Ill Offenders in Acute Care Supportive
Partial Hospitalization Sheltered Living for Seriously Mentally Ill Offenders in Chronic Care Supportive Living Units
Pharmacy Tele-psychiatry

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