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Tennessee Academic Specialist Program

The Tennessee Academic Specialists (TAS) program is a statewide effort to support Tennessee’s Focus schools as they work to close achievement gaps.  The Tennessee Department of Education has partnered with PCG Education, a practice area of Public Consulting Group, Inc., to shape the TAS program into a collaborative and capacity-building initiative focused on helping schools to achieve their improvement goals.  Tennessee Academic Specialists will work in schools to support standards-based curriculum, research-informed instructional practices, data-driven decision making, and school-wide cultures of success. 

Up to one hundred and twenty five (125) experienced educators comprise the corps of Academic Specialists that will provide services to Tennessee’s Focus Schools.  These Academic Specialists will work alongside teachers and school leaders to identify unique school needs, implement school improvement plans, and provide professional development and coaching in recognized areas of need. PCG Education’s Subject Matter Experts will support Academic Specialists and schools as they determine areas of need and establish a proactive, targeted approach to improving student achievement.

The goal of the Tennessee Academic Specialist Program is to provide high quality, accessible resources to schools and districts working to achieve their improvement goals.

You can find more information on the Tennessee Academic Specialists program at the link provided below:

Mike Koprowski