2015 Annual Statistical Report

The Annual Statistical Report for fiscal year 2014-2015 includes an array of information providing the public with statistics about education in Tennessee. We hope that you will find the report useful to become better acquainted with Tennessee's education system.

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State Commissioners of Education

The office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction was created in 1835. By Legislative Act in 1843, which went in effect in 1844, the office was abolished. The following Superintendents were elected by the Legislature:

Robert H. McEwen 1835-1840
Robert P. Currin 1840-1841
Scott Terry 1841-1844

From 1844 to 1867, the State Treasurer was ex-officio Superintendent of Public Instruction. In 1867, the office was again created. The following Superintendents were elected by the people and served for the respective periods shown below:

John Eaton, Jr. 1867-1869
A. J. Tipton 1869-1871

In 1870, the office was again abolished, and the duties devolved upon the State Treasurer, who was made ex-officio Superintendent of Public Instruction. In 1873, the office was recreated, and the following officers, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, have served the terms shown below:

J. B. Killebrew*  
John M. Flemings 1873-1875
Leon Trousdale 1875-1881
W. S. Doak 1881-1882**
Julia A. Doak 3 mos. ending July, 1882***
G. S. Crawford 1882-1883***
Thomas H. Paine 1883-1887
Frank M. Smith 1887-1891
W. R. Garrett 1891-1893
S. G. Gilbreath 1895-1897
Price Thomas 1897-1899
Morgan C. Fitzpatrick 1899-1903
Seymour A. Mynders 1903-1907
R. L. Jones 1907-1911
J. W. Brister 1911-1913
S. J. Thompson 1913-1915***
S. W. Sherrill 1915-1919
Albert Williams 1919-1921
J. B. Brown 1921-1923
  • * Assistant State Superintendent, 1870-1873
  • ** Died in Office.
  • *** Filled unexpired term

Under the reorganization bill of 1923, the State Department of Public Instruction became the State Department of Education. The title of the chief state school officer was changed to Commissioner of Education.

P. L. Harned 1923-1933
Walter D. Cocking 1933-1937
W. A. Bass 1937-1938
J. M. Smith 1938
Halbert Harville 1938-1939
B. O. Duggan 1939-1945
Burgin E. Dossett 1945-1949
J. M. Smith 1949-1950
J. A. Barksdale 1950-1953
Quill E. Cope 1953-1958
Joe Morgan 1958-1963
J. H. Warf 1963-1971
E. C. Stimbert 1971-1972
Benjamin E. Carmichael 1972-1975
Sam H. Ingram 1975-1979
Otis L. Floyd 1979
E. A. Cox 1979-1980
Robert L. McElrath 1981-1987
Charles E. Smith 1987-1993
Wayne Qualls 1994-1995
Jane Walters 1995-1999
E. Vernon Coffey 1999-2001
Faye P. Taylor 2001-2003
Lana C. Seivers 2003-2008
Dr. Timothy K Webb 2008-2010
Patrick Smith 2010-2011
Kevin Huffman 2011-2014
Candice McQueen 2014-
State Board of Education
  • District 1
    Mr. B. Fielding Rolston, Chairman
    3745 Arrowhead Trail
    Kingsport, TN 37664
  • District 2
    Mr. Mike Edwards
    Knoxville Chamber of Commerce
    17 Market Square, #201
    Knoxville, TN 37902
  • District 3
    Ms. Allison Chancey
    1400 Durkee Road S.E.
    Cleveland, TN 37323
  • District 4
    Mr. Lonnie Roberts
    1158 Roseland Drive
    Columbia, TN 38401
  • District 5
    Ms. Carolyn Pearre, Vice-Chair
    427 Prestwick Court
    Nashville, TN 37205
  • District 6
    Ms. Lillian Hartgrove
    3631 Burton Cove Road
    Cookeville, TN 38506-6132
  • District 7
    Ms. Wendy Tucker
    2819 Polo Club Road
    Nashville, TN 37221-4345
  • District 8
    Mr. Cato Johnson
    9155 Hillmann Way Drive
    Memphis, TN 38134
  • District 9
    Dr. William E. Troutt
    688 Magnolia Manor Circle
    Memphis, TN 38117
  • Sara Heyburn, Executive Director
    Tennessee State Board of Education
    710 James Robertson Parkway
    1st Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower
    Nashville, TN 37243-1050
  • Russ Deaton, Interim Executive Director
    Tennessee Higher Education Commission
    Parkway Towers, Suite 1900
    404 James Robertson Parkway
    Nashville, TN 37243
Superintendents and Chairmen of State Boards
ANDERSON COUNTY Mr. Larry Foster John Burrell
Clinton Ms. Vicki Violette Tim Bible
Oak Ridge Mr. Bruce Borchers Keys Fillauer
BEDFORD COUNTY Mr. Don Embry Amy Martin
BENTON COUNTY  Mr. Mark Florence Joey Cooper
BLEDSOE COUNTY  Ms. Jennifer Terry Bobby Angel
BLOUNT COUNTY  Mr. Rob Britt Trevis Gardner
Alcoa Mr. Brain Bell Steve Marsh
Maryville Mr. Mike Winstead Doug Jenkins
BRADLEY COUNTY  Dr. Johnny McDaniel Nicholas Lillios
Cleveland Mr. Martin Ringstaff Thomas Cloud
CAMPBELL COUNTY Mr. Donnie Poston Mike Orick
CANNON COUNTY  Ms. Barbara Parker Randy Gannon
CARROLL COUNTY  Mr. John McAdams Harold McLain, Jr.
+Hollow Rock-Bruceton Mr. David Duncan Brad Hurley
+Huntingdon Ms. Pat Dillahunty Lee Carter
+McKenzie Mr. Lynn Watkins John Austin
+South Carroll Dr. Tony Tucker Philip Moore
+West Carroll Mr. Eric Williams Jimmy Halford
CARTER COUNTY  Dr. Kevin Ward Rusty Barnett
Elizabethton Dr. Corey Gardenhour Rita Booher
CHEATHAM COUNTY  Dr. Stan Curtis Brian Chase
CHESTER COUNTY  Mr. Tony Kilzer Rob Moore
CLAIBORNE COUNTY  Ms. Connie Holdway Shannon England
CLAY COUNTY  Mr. Jerry Strong David West
COCKE COUNTY  Mr. Manney Moore Richard Coggins
Newport Mr. Steve Thompson Mickey Powers
COFFEE COUNTY  Dr. LaDonna McFall Brett Henley
Manchester Dr. Keith Brewer Susan Wood
Tullahoma Dr. Dan Lawson Pat Welsh
CROCKETT COUNTY  Mr. Robert Mullins, Jr. Jasper Taylor
Alamo Ms. Reesha G. Black Lawrence Harden
Bells Mr. Richard Davy Gary Emison
CUMBERLAND COUNTY  Mr. Donald Andrews Dan Schlafer
DAVIDSON COUNTY  Mr. Chris Henson Sharon Gentry
DECATUR COUNTY  Mr. Branson Townsend Robert Bibbs
DEKALB COUNTY  Mr. Mark Willoughby W.J. Evins
DICKSON COUNTY  Mr. Danny Weeks Tim Potter
DYER COUNTY  Dr. Dwight L. Hedge Mike McLaughlin
Dyersburg Mr. Dennis Durbin Joe Yates
FAYETTE COUNTY  Mr. James Teague Bob Doll
FENTRESS COUNTY  Mr. Mike Jones Gary Tinch
FRANKLIN COUNTY  Dr. Rebecca Sharber Kevin Caroland
GIBSON COUNTY  ……………….  
Humboldt Dr. Versie Hamlett Terry Johnson
+Milan Dr. Mary Reel Marty Elliott
+Trenton Ms. Sandra Harper Mark Harper
+Bradford Mr. Dan Black Don Lannom
+Gibson Co. Special Mr. Eddie Pruett Treva Maitland
GILES COUNTY  Mr. J. B Smith Daryl Williamson
GRAINGER COUNTY  Mr. Edwin Jarnagin Harold Frazier
GREENE COUNTY  Dr. Vicki Kirk Rick Tipton
Greeneville Dr. Linda Stroud Craig Ogle
GRUNDY COUNTY  Mr. David Dickerson Timothy Spicer
HAMBLEN COUNTY  Dr. Dale Lynch Joe Gibson, Jr.
HAMILTON COUNTY  Mr. Rick Smith George Ricks, Sr.
HANCOCK COUNTY  Mr. Tony Seal Freddie Mullins
HARDEMAN COUNTY  Mr. Warner Ross II Bobby Henderson
HARDIN COUNTY  Mr. Michael Davis Ron Ashe
HAWKINS COUNTY  Mr. Steve Starnes Chris Christian
Rogersville Mrs. Rebecca Isaacs Reed Matney
HAYWOOD COUNTY  Ms. Teresa Russell Harold Garrett
HENDERSON COUNTY  Mr. Steve Wilkinson Tommy Gordon
Lexington Mrs. Susie Bunch Robert Helms
HENRY COUNTY  Mr. Sam Miles  Tom Beasley
+Paris Mr. Mike Brown Richard Edwards
HICKMAN COUNTY  Dr. Jerry Nash Jackie Deitmen
HOUSTON COUNTY  Ms.  Cathy Harvey Kinney Spears
HUMPHREYS COUNTY  Mr. Jimmy Long Gene Trotter
JACKSON COUNTY  Mr. Joe D. Barlow Dewey C. Mabery
JEFFERSON COUNTY  Dr. Charles Edmonds Bill Jarnigan
JOHNSON COUNTY  Dr. Mischelle Simcox Kevin Long
KNOX COUNTY  Mr. James McIntyre Mike McMillan
LAKE COUNTY  Ms. Sherry Darnell Warren Douglas
LAUDERDALE COUNTY  Mr. Shawn Kimble Robert Harris
LAWRENCE COUNTY Dr. Bill Heath Brenda Jacobs
LEWIS COUNTY  Mr. Benny Pace Jeff Gandy
LINCOLN COUNTY  Dr. Wanda Shelton Jerry Pendergrass
Fayetteville Dr. Janine Wilson Mark Clark
LOUDON COUNTY  Mr. Jason Vance Ric Best
Lenoir City Ms. Jeanne Barker Rick Chadwick
MCMINN COUNTY  Mr. Mickey Blevins Quinton Howard
Athens Ms. Melanie Miller Micheal Bevins
Etowah Dr. Mike Frazier Marilyn Miller
MCNAIRY COUNTY Mr. John Prince Jarrell Stanfield
MACON COUNTY  Mr. Anthony Boles Steve Walton
MADISON CO. Verna Ruffin Jim Campbell
MARION COUNTY  Mr. Mark Griffith Terry Case
+Richard City Ms. Cindy Blevins Melissa Phenis
MARSHALL COUNTY  Ms. Jackie Abernathy Donnie Moses
MAURY COUNTY  Mr. Edward E. Hickman Jim Morrison
MEIGS COUNTY  Mr. Don Roberts Christopher Clark
MONROE COUNTY  Mr. Tim Blankenship Bob Lovingood
Sweetwater Dr. Keith Hickey Janie Dacus
MONTGOMERY COUNTY Dr. B.J. Worthington Jimmie Garland
MOORE COUNTY  Mr. Chad Moorehead Lorrie McKenzie
MORGAN COUNTY  Dr. Edd Diden Randy Harlan
OBION COUNTY  Mr. Russ Davis Brian Rainey
Union City Mr. Gary L. Houston Glenda Caudle
OVERTON COUNTY  Dr. Terry Webb Mike Hayes
PERRY COUNTY  Mr. Eric Lomax Martha Sharp
PICKETT COUNTY  Ms. Dianne Elder John Reagan
POLK COUNTY  Mr. James Jones Mark Williams
PUTNAM COUNTY  Mr. Jerry Boyd Dawn Fry
RHEA COUNTY Mr. Jerry Levengood John Mincy
Dayton Mr. Michael Latham Gary Louallen
ROANE COUNTY  Mr. Gary Aytes Michael L. Miller
ROBERTSON COUNTY Mr. Mike Davis Connie Hogan
RUTHERFORD COUNTY Mr. Don Odom Wayne R. Blair
Murfreesboro Dr. Linda Arms Gilbert Butch Campbell
SCOTT COUNTY  Mr. Bill Hall John Vernon Thompson
+Oneida Ms. Ann Sexton Nancy Williamson
SEQUATCHIE COUNTY  Mr. Johnny Cordell Charlie Rollins
SEVIER COUNTY  Dr. Jack A. Parton John McClure
SHELBY COUNTY  Mr. Dorsey E. Hopson Teresa Jones
Arlington Community Ms. Tammy Mason Kay Williams
Bartlett City Mr. David Stephens Jeff Norris
Collierville Schools Mr. John Aitken Mark Hansen
Germantown Municipal Mr. Jason Manuel Lisa Parker
Lakeland Municipal Mr. Ted Horrell Kevin Floyd
Millington Municipal Mr. David Roper Donald Holsinger
SMITH COUNTY Mr. Barry Smith Brian Smith
STEWART COUNTY  Mrs. Leta Joiner Billy Sexton
SULLIVAN COUNTY  Mr. Jubal Yennie Dan Wells
Bristol Mr. Gary L. Lilly Jim Butcher
Kingsport Dr. Lyle Ailshie Carrie Upshaw
SUMNER COUNTY Dr. D. R. Phillips Andy Daniels
TIPTON COUNTY  Dr. William Bibb Marty Burlison
TROUSDALE COUNTY  Mr. Clint Satterfield Denice Jackson
UNICOI COUNTY  Ms. Denise H. Brown Cathy Thomas
UNION COUNTY  Mr. Jimmy Carter David Coppock
VAN BUREN COUNTY Mrs. Cheryl Cole Ricky Walling
WARREN COUNTY  Mr. Bobby Cox Linda Blair
WASHINGTON COUNTY  Mr. Ronald Dykes Todd Ganger
Johnson City Dr. Richard Bales Tim Belisle
WAYNE COUNTY  Dr. Gailand Grinder Barry Hanback
WEAKLEY COUNTY  Mr. Randy Frazier Gordon Morris
WHITE COUNTY  Ms. Sandra Crouch Edd Cantrell, II
WILLIAMSON COUNTY  Dr. Mike Looney PJ Mezera
+Franklin City Dr. David Snowden Tim Stillings
WILSON COUNTY  Dr. Donna Wright Larry Tomlinson
+Lebanon Mr. Scott Benson Steve Jones 
ASD (Achievement School District) Mr. Chris Barbic  

+Indicates Special School District

Statistical Summaries
  • Schools
  • Personnel
  • Students
  • Transportation
  • Table 1 Number of Public Schools (K - 12)
    Number of Elementary Schools 1,075
    Number of Middle Schools 312
    Number of Secondary Schools 345
    Number of Vocational Schools 13
    Special Education Schools 12
    Number of Adult High Schools 27
    Number of Alternative Schools 27
    Total Number of Schools 1,811
  • Table 2 Training of Public Personnel (K - 12)

    Note: Total will not match total licensed personnel from Table 3. Table 2 contains only those assignment codes used for Report Card as "Administrators" and "Teachers"

      Men Women Not Reported Total
    Ph. D. Degree 408 781 0 1,189
    Ed. S. Degree 1,515 4,522 3 6,041
    M.A. plus 45 qtr. hrs. 1,122 3,771 2 4,894
    Master's Degree 6,044 22,448 37 28,529
    Bachelor’s Degree 5,754 20,646 88 26,488
    3 Years College 0 1 0 1
    2 Years College 39 73 0 112
    1 Year College 4 1 0 5
    0 Years College 539 241 3 783
    Total 15,426 52,483 133 68,043
    Table 3 Assignment of Teachers, Administrators and Members of Boards of Education (K - 12)
    Elementary Classroom Teachers 45,030
    Secondary Classroom Teachers 19,064
    Total Classroom Teachers 64,094
    Elementary School Principals 1,132
    Secondary School Principals 484
    Principals Serving Both Elementary and Secondary Grades 123
    Total School Principals  1,739
    Elementary School Assistant Principals 774
    Secondary School Assistant Principals 911
    Assistant Principals Serving Both Elementary and Secondary Grades 141
    Total Assistant Principals 1,826
    Supervisors of Instruction – Elementary Grades Only 99
    Supervisors of Instruction – Secondary Grades Only 84
    Supervisors of Instruction Serving Both Elementary & Secondary Grades 111
    Total Supervisors of Instruction  294
    Elementary Librarians 1,028
    Secondary Librarians 418
    Librarians Serving Both Elementary and Secondary Grades 111
    Total Librarians 1,556
    Elementary Guidance Personnel 1,116
    Secondary Guidance Personnel 1,016
    Guidance Personnel Serving Both Elementary and Secondary Grades 148
    Total Guidance Personnel 2,279
    Other Professional Instructional Personnel 3,540
    Psychological Personnel 473
    Attendance Personnel 79
    Total Number of Instructional Personnel 75,880
    Superintendents 140
    Assistant Superintendents 40
    Other Licensed Educators 479
    Total Number of Certificated Personnel 76,539
    Non-Certificated Administrative Personnel 1,192
    Members of Boards of Education 814
    Table 4 Other Employees of Boards of Education
    Health Personnel
    a. Nurses 1,153
    b. Other Professional & Technical Health Personnel 448
    Secretarial and Clerical Personnel
    a. School Support Level 5,369
    b. System Support Level 1,925
    Plant Operation Personnel
    a. Custodians 3,460
    b. Other 166
    Plant Maintenance Personnel 2,099
    Transportation Personnel 6,264
    Food Service Personnel 9,166
    Educational Assistants
    a. Regular 6,352
    b. Library 481
    c. Special Education 8,493
    d. Vocational Education 87
    e. Other 1,118
    Data Processing 828
    School Safety Personnel 928
    Other Employees 1,251
    Total 49,597
    Total Number of Employees of Board of Education 128,132
    TABLE 5 Average Salary
    Licensed Educators $50,463
    Instructional Personnel $50,175
    Classroom Teachers $47,979
    Principals $82,445
    Superintendents $115,078
  • TABLE 6 Number of High School Graduates
    Regular Diplomas 62,632
    Special Education Diplomas 955
    Certificates of Attendance 34
    Grand Total All Diplomas/Certificates 63,621
    TABLE 7 Average Daily Membership*
    Kindergarten 73,566
    First Grade 76,968
    Second Grade 77,271
    Third Grade 75,829
    Fourth Grade 73,760
    Fifth Grade 72,703
    Sixth Grade 71,907
    Seventh Grade 72,195
    Eighth Grade 72,827
    Ninth Grade 76,105
    Tenth Grade 72,019
    Eleventh Grade 66,805
    Twelfth Grade 61,744
    Special Education Self-Contained 15,837
    Total ADM 959,536

    *Includes Adult High School Students 
    - Total off due to rounding.

    TABLE 8 Average Daily Attendance*
    Kindergarten 69,796
    First Grade 73,387
    Second Grade 73,959
    Third Grade 72,735
    Fourth Grade 70,736
    Fifth Grade 69,800
    Sixth Grade 69,069
    Seventh Grade 69,046
    Eighth Grade 69,514
    Ninth Grade 72,254
    Tenth Grade 68,077
    Eleventh Grade 62,750
    Twelfth Grade 57,360
    Special Education Self-Contained 14,743
    Total ADA 913,227

    *Includes Adult High School Students

    TABLE 9 First Month Membership (Kindergarten through Twelve)
    Kindergarten 75,024
    First Grade 78,295
    Second Grade 78,720
    Third Grade 77,232
    Fourth Grade 75,315
    Fifth Grade 74,303
    Sixth Grade 74,098
    Seventh Grade 74,454
    Eighth Grade 75,082
    Ninth Grade 78,878
    Tenth Grade 74,739
    Eleventh Grade 69,573
    Twelfth Grade 66,090
    Total Net Enrollment 971,803
    TABLE 10 Record of Pupil Progress
      Promotions Retentions  Incidents   of Suspension Students Suspended Student            Expulsions Long Term Change of Placement
    Kindergarten 67,167 2,605 1,723 1,052 9 3
    First Grade 69,777 2,020 2,165 1,324 6 4
    Second Grade 71,237 1,177 2,558 1,611 13 6
    Third Grade 69,910 932 3,003 1,950 17 12
    Fourth Grade 67,154 511 3,443 2,234 17 15
    Fifth Grade 63,034 393 5,167 3,120 24 41
    Sixth Grade 67,617 745 8,296 4,832 75 161
    Seventh Grade 67,715 933 10,706 6,036 132 348
    Eighth Grade 61,976 614 9,566 5,745 114 489
    Ninth Grade 67,530 3,736 11,954 6,715 287 609
    Tenth Grade 63,853 2,623 9,854 5,825 183 586
    Eleventh Grade 61,221 1,627 7,523 4,649 147 477
    Twelfth Grade 62,962 1,697 5,714 3,837 90 382
    Total 861,153 19,613 81,672 48,930 1,114 3,133
    TABLE 11 Number of Children Ages 3 through 21 with Disability Receiving Special Education Services
    Learning Disabled 47,895
    Intellectual Disabled 7,640
    Speech /Language Impaired 32,884
    Emotionally Disturbed 3,082
    Autism 8,639
    Health Impaired 15,399
    Physically Impaired 646
    Hearing Impaired or Deaf 1,238
    Visually Impaired or Blind 602
    Deaf/Blind 12
    Multi-Disabilities 2,121
    Developmentally Delayed 9,403
    Traumatic Brain Injury 344
    Total 129,905
  • TABLE 12 (PART A) Pupil Transportation
    Miles of Bus Route One Way (Daily) 297,998
    Number of Vehicles Employed in Pupil Transportation 8,858
    Number of Pupils Enrolled for Transportation Not Available
    Average Number of Pupils Transported Over 1 1/2 Miles 484,211
    Type of Bus Ownership
    District Owned 6,399
    Private Owned/Contracted 2,779
    TABLE 12 (PART B) Driver and Accidents
    Number of Bus Drivers
    Regular 7,384
    Substitute 1,524
    Total 8,908
    Type of Accident:  
    Property Damage 854
    Personal Injury 94
    Treated and Released 86
    Confined Overnight 8
    Fatalities 2
Financial Summaries
Total Receipts From State $4,278,065,646
Total Receipts From Federal Government 1,122,769,674
Total Receipts From County and City or Special District 3,326,328,459
Total Other Revenue Receipts 391,498,626
Total Revenue Receipts 9,118,662,405
Total Non-Revenue Receipts 402,453,311
Grand Total Receipts From All Sources $9,521,115,716
Instruction $5,025,841,685
Support Services – Student 367,643,004
Support Services – Instructional Staff 540,998,575
Support Services – Administration $790,741,449
Support Services-Operations & Maintenance of Plant 736,994,107
Other Current Expenditures 988,793,513
Total Current Expenditures $8,451,012,333
Community Services 77,732,493
Early Childhood Education 120,899,136
Capital Outlay 59,521,383
Debt Services Operating Transfers 517,803,403
Capital Projects  304,403,892
Grand Total of All Expenditures $9,531,372,640
Total Operating Expenditures* $8,561,439,983
Operating Expenditures Per PUPIL ADA* $9,245

*Operating Expenditures Per Pupil ADA includes: Current Expenditures Per LEA Financial Report (excluding Student Body Education and Adult Education); U.S.D.A. Commodity Value; and State Level Program and Administrative Expenses.