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Financial Summaries

Total Receipts From State $3,711,641,725
Total Receipts From Federal Government 840,936,149
Total Receipts From County and City or Special District 2,888,160,798
Total Other Revenue Receipts       350,433,185
Total Revenue Receipts


Total Non-Revenue Receipts      588,279,120
Grand Total Receipts From All Sources $8,379,450,977
Instruction $4,461,211,132
Support Services – Student 290,055,859
Support Services – Instructional Staff 440,454,008
Support Services – Administration 626,223,458
Support Services-Operations & Maintenance of Plant 682,127,630
Other Current Expenditures        814,021,979
Total Current Expenditures $7,314,094,065
Community Services 60,705,073
Early Childhood Education 79,736,089
Capital Outlay 71,468,464
Debt Services Operating Transfers 265,986,039
Capital Projects       488,657,259
Grand Total of All Expenditures $8,280,646,989
Total Operating Expenditures* $7,424,696,401
Operating Expenditures Per PUPIL ADA* $8,344

*Operating Expenditures Per Pupil ADA includes: Current Expenditures Per LEA Financial Report (excluding Student Body Education and Adult Education); U.S.D.A. Commodity Value; and State Level Program and Administrative Expenses