Practice Tests & Samplers

These samplers and practice tests provide examples of items that cover each Reporting Category and Performance Indicator for the following tests:

The above examples illustrate the various types of questions used to evaluate the student's mastery of the State Performance Indicators on various standardized tests.

Dropped SPIs

Some State Performance Indicators (SPIs) were removed from the 2013-14 TCAP to support educators in focusing their instruction on the Common Core State Standards. For practice tests that still include these dropped SPIs, the included supplemental sheets indicate which items in that specific test will not be included in 2013-14 assessments.

Estimated Performance Level Cut Scores for State Practice Tests

The performance level cut scores are estimates provided by our testing vendor based on historical performance level cut scores from previously administered assessments. The overlap in the scores is intentional and meant to emphasize that these are simply ranges of scores meant to serve as general indicators for teachers related to the performance of their students in preparation for actual assessment administration

3-8 Achievement

Note: These practice materials contain social studies items aligned to the old standards. New practice materials aligned to the new standards will be available beginning February 2015

High School End of Course (EOC)

Algebra I

Algebra II

Biology I


English I

Practice Tests

Language Arts Item Samplers contain items linked to passages that cover multiple reporting categories. Each form will have examples of items from all of the possible reporting categories.

English II

English III

Gateway Test

ELSA Assessment

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What are...?

  • Item Samplers
  • Practice Tests

Item samplers contain questions that are representative of the types of questions that will be on Spring TCAP Achievement Test.  Each test item in the item sampler is presented with the Reporting Category and Performance Indicator.  In a classroom learning session, these questions can be used to prepare students for the actual test. An answer key for the sample questions is provided at the end of each item sampler.

Practice tests are full-length containing the same number of test items per content area that would be found on the actual Achievement Test taken in the Spring.  The design and layout of the practice tests are very similar to the actual test to better familiarize students with the test format. Practice tests can be used in the classroom setting to simulate a real testing session.  An answer key for the practice questions is provided at the end of each practice test.

Last Update: October 2, 2014