Writing Assessment

TCAP Writing Assessment (TCAP/WA) emphasizes the importance of reading and comprehending complex texts and writing in response to sources in order to prepare students for postesecondary education and careers.

Directors and system testing coordinators indicated their plans around the administration of optional grades for the TCAP Writing Assessment via an online District Assessment Options survey in June 2013.

Detailed testing information is available on the TNCore site.

2014 TCAP/WA Administration Details

All students tested in grades 3 through 11 will complete an online test in February.

  • Each writing assessment will consist of two complex texts and two essays.
  • Text will cover social studies or science topics in order to demonstrate the range of informational reading possible in a Common Core curriculum.
  • Students will write two essays:
    • One prose constructed response (PCR) essay about the first text. The essay will be an analytical summary (informational/explanatory).
    • One prose constructed response (PCR) analytical essay about both texts. The essay will be informational/explanatory or opinion/argument.
  • The assessment will have an extended time limit. Total time will equal a maximum of 2.5 hours in all grade levels. The time on task allowed for this assessment will be 2 hours. Teachers will be allowed to institute a break after 1 hour. This break would last approximately 30 minutes.
  • The assessment in all grades will be scored centrally at Measurement Incorporated.

The 2014 TCAP Writing Assessment will continue to have no effect upon district or school level accountability and will not be factored into teacher value-added scores.

Tennessee is a predominately English language speaking state. All assessments are provided in English only. Tennessee does not offer assessments formatted in the native language of our students other than English.



2013 TCAP Writing Assessment

Last Update: June 5, 2014