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Tennessee CTE Data Reporting System


eTIGER is a Timely, Information, Gathering, Examination and Reporting CTE online data collecting system.  It was officially implemented in October, 2005. The name eTIGER refers to the coordination in data collection between the state EIS (Education Information System) data and the eTIGER system. Beginning with the 2009-10 school year, eTIGER was merged with EIS and displayed the real-time reported enrollment data of EIS.  EIS became the sole database for CTE students, teachers and classes.

The exciting part of this data collection system is that data editing and verification will be performed by each individual CTE teacher—the person who has the best knowledge regarding the data for each student. The teacher will attest to the veracity of the data. The CTE director in each school system will then be able to check the data from each system reporting and approve its accuracy.

Some benefits of online reporting are efficient management of time and resources, accuracy of data reported, budget savings and front-line data verification from classroom teachers.

Data Reporting

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EIS - Data Search for CTE

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Update (September 2012)

Reporting CTE Concentrators (modified for 2013-14) (October 2013)
Secondary Placement (February 2014)
Open Enrollment Instructions
(March 2014)
Student Certificates (September 2012)
Rubric Data Off-line Reporting (December 2012)
Class Data Reporting (December 2012)

Project Timetable (2012-13) download Excel file

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Institute for CTE Educators, (July, 2013)
eTIGER Session - Presentation
eTIGER Session - Hands On Practice

CTE Data Reporting - Tips for New Teacher

eTIGER Rubric Data Reporting Steps    Handouts  Presentation Slides