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Career Academic Technical Institute (CATI) Lesson Plans

CTE Content Area Lesson Plan Title Math Language Arts Science Other
Agricultural Education
Fund. of Ag. Lumfuggle Genetics Algebra   Biology  
Agriscience Plant Identification and Taxonomy
English II Biology  
Agriscience Asexual Reproduction in Potato Plants Algebra I English II Biology  
Agriscience Cells and Their Functions Algebra English Biology  
Greenhouse Management Sexual and Asexual Reproduction   English Biology  
Fundamentals of Agriculture The Niche and Habitat of the Mockingbird   English II Biology I  
Greenhouse Management Nitrogen Fixation in Legumes Math Language Arts Biology   
Agriscience Improving Animal Performance by Genetics Algebra Language Arts Biology  
Fundamentals of Agriculture Photosynthesis and Respiration     Biology  
Fundamentals of Agriculture Photosynthesis and Respiration 2       Biology  
Agriscience Examine the parts of the cell and their functions Algebra I English I Biology  
Business Technology Education
Information Technology Administrative Management Systems Math      
Keyboarding Ranging the M's of Keyboarding: Mean, Median and Mode Algebra Language Arts    
Document Creation Design Lost in Tennessee Algebra Language Arts    
Keyboarding Applications Communicating Through Business Letters   English    
Keyboarding Cellular Travel Agency Math Language Arts   Science  
Document Creation Design Cafeteria Mania Algebra I English II Chemistry  
Information Technology Travel Across the Curriculum Math English Science History
Keyboarding Gateway Notebook Algebra I      
Keyboarding Theme Books   English    
Interactive Multimedia Design My Family Tree   English    
Keyboarding Applications Composing, Formatting, and Editing a Letter of Application   Language Arts    
Keyboarding CSI: An Investigation into Biology    English Biology  
Matrices in Math Analyze the Basic Characteristics of Matrices in endangered and threatened species Math      
Keyboarding Applications Letter and Language Skills   Language Arts    
Family and Consumer Sciences Education
Nutrition and Foods Cross Curriculum Pizza Recipe Math Language Arts Biology   
Textiles and Apparel Tye-Dye Mania Math Language Arts Biology  
Nutrition and Foods Cooking Up Some Celluar Stuff     Biology  
Housing and Interior Design Writing a Community Service News Article    Language Arts      

Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS); Nutrition & Foods

Family Budgets and Cost Comparisons Algebra I English Biology  
FACS Family Functions Algebra English Biology  
Nutrition & Foods Cafeteria Mania Algebra I English II Chemistry  
FACS Roles and Functions of a Family Math English    
Nutrition & Foods Analyzing Advertising Algebra Language Arts    
Culinary Arts I Evolution of Food Service and Production Industry     Biology  
Culinary Arts I Nutrition Basics     Biology  
Culinary Arts I Standardization/Measuring Techniques Math      
Culinary Arts III Restaurant Project   English II    
Culinary Arts III Restaurant Algebra      
FACS Communicating Effectively-Dangers of Gossip and Rumors (Part of a Collaborative Project between Academics and CTE) Algebra English Physical Science  
Interpersonal Communications The Communication Process   Language Arts    
Health Science Education
Medical Diagnostics Bloody Predictions Math English II Biology  
Medical Therapeutics Pulse Aerobotics Math      
Medical Therapeutics Calculation of Medical Dosage Math           
Anatomy and Physiology Cell Structure in the Human Body      Biology    
Health Science Ideal Body Weight and Bone Structure Algebra      
Anatomy and Physiology Congenital and Genetic Disorders Algebra   Biology  
Health Science Infection Control     Biology I  
Health Science Education Types of Microorganisms Affecting Health Care Math Language Arts Biology  
Medical Therapeutics Effects of Drugs on Body Systems     Biology I  
Medical Therapeutics Legal and Ethical Issues in Medical Advertising   Language Arts    
Health Science Infectious Disease Math      
Marketing Education
Marketing and Management Prin. I The Good, the Bad and the Knowledgeable Algebra I  English II      
Technology Engineering Education
Innovations and Inventions (Technology Engineering Education) Remodeling a Kitchen Math Language Arts    
Trade and Industrial Education
Principles of Welding Building a Toolbox Algebra, Geometry, Tech. Geom. English    
Career Management Success (CMS) Communication Skills    English      
CMS Constructing a Holiday Fruit Wreath Algebra I        
Automotive Tech., Susp. & Steering When Will My Vehicle Hydroplane? Algebra   Science Driver Training
Principles of Welding Distinguishing Different Types of Metals Math English Science  
Criminal Justice I Evaluate career opportunities and career paths with Criminal Justice   Language Arts    
Criminal Justice The Law and "The Interlopers"   Language Arts      
Principles of Manufacturing Science-SPC Charts Introduction to SPC Math      
Principles of Manufacturing Science-SPC Charts Analyze SPC Control Charts Math      
Electricity/Electronics Alternator Math Language Arts    
Carpentry II Common Rafters Math Language Arts    
Principles of Technology I Voltage in Electrical Systems Algebra I