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Sample Guidelines For A Program Advisory Committee

Article I - Purposes and Name

Section 1.   The above named advisory committee shall exist only during such time as it may be authorized by the School Board (or Board of Trustees).

Section 2.   The above named advisory committee shall operate in those fields directly                    included in the program for which it has been appointed and shall limit its activities to advice on matters that directly concern that program.

Section 3.   The purpose and duties of the above named advisory committee may                               include the following:

      • studying the needs of business and/or industry in relation to an individual skill program, family of occupations, or the total general program;
      • aiding the program in those activities that improve efficiency and effectiveness;
      • to appoint special subcommittees, which may include persons other than committee members; and
      • to represent the group at other meetings, as requested.
      • helping in developing a program for the area that will better relate to business and industry;
      • offering recommendations for the improvement of facilities, equipment, and instructional materials;
      • assisting in evaluating the program on the basis of the stated objectives;
      • assisting the program staff in establishing priorities;
      • studying successful programs in other communities for the purpose of encouraging the use of those practices applicable to the program;
      • advising on the revision of the program's goals and objectives as determined by study and evaluation; and;
      • evaluating annually the progress made toward the goals and objectives.

      Article II – Membership

Section 1.          Members shall be selected and appointed to represent a cross section of the                           community,business, and industry served by the program.

Section 2.          Appointment of advisory committee members shall be for three years,                           except when the appointment is to fill an unexpired term; thus, one-third                           of the total membership shall be appointed each year.

Section 3.          The term of a new committee member shall begin on July 1.

Section 4.           The advisory committee may recommend names of prospective                           committee members to the appointing official.

Section 5.          The advisory committee shall consist of [nine] members.

Section 6.          The designated CTE educator liaison will be present at each meeting.

.Article III - Meetings

Section 1.          Regular meetings of the advisory committee will be held (day of and                           months) during the calendar year.

Section 2.          Written notices of meetings shall be mailed to all members at least two                           weeks before each meeting by the advisory committee secretary or other                           designated person.  

Section 3.          The agenda for each meeting shall be prepared by the chairperson and                           the Career and Technical Education administrator/instructor.

Article IV - Officers and Duties

Section 1.          The officers shall be a chairperson, vice-chairperson, and secretary                           elected from the committee membership.

Section 2.          The chairperson and vice-chairperson shall be elected annually by a                           majority vote of the committee members at the annual meeting.

Section 3.          The chairperson shall be elected from among those members who have                           served on the advisory committee for at least one year. The duties shall                           be:

            • to preside at the meeting of the advisory committee;
            • to serve as chairperson of the executive committee;
            • to appoint special subcommittees, which may include persons other than committee members; and
            • to represent the group at other meetings, as requested.

Section 4.          The vice-chairperson shall perform the duties of the chairperson in the                           chairperson's absence.

Section 5.          The secretary shall:

            • send out notices of meetings;
            • keep records and attendance of members at meetings;
            • maintain a permanent record of advisory committee activities; and
            • distribute minutes of committee meetings and copies of other committee documents to committee members, teachers, and others, including concerned instructors. (The secretary shall have the assistance of the school staff and the use of school facilities in performing the prescribed duties.)
Article V - Amendments

The by-laws may be amended or added to by a two-thirds majority vote of active members at any regularly scheduled meeting.

                     Article VI - Rules of Order

The meetings and activities of this committee shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order, except as otherwise provided by these by-laws.