School Improvement Grants

The School Improvement Grant program, authorized under section 1003(g) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, allocates funds to states to enable the awarding of grants to school districts for the purpose of providing assistance to schools identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring under section 1116 to meet accountability requirements.

In awarding these grants to districts, the state must give priority to those districts that have schools that are determined to be “persistently lowest achieving,” that demonstrate the greatest need for funding and the strongest commitment to ensuring that funds are to provide adequate resources to substantially raise student achievement.

Equitable services to private school students and teachers do not apply to the Title I, Part A-School Improvement Funds.

SIG Resources

School Improvement Grant (SIG) Data

Tennessee SIG Schools Implementing Turnaround and Transformation Models in 2010-11 (Excel):

School Improvement Grant (SIG) Presentations (PDF)

School Improvement Grant Application

Cohort 3

FY11 (Federal Year 2011) 

School Improvement Grant Applications (5/15/13)

Achievement School District (ASD)

Hamilton County

Hardeman County

Knox County

Shelby County (formerly Memphis)

Cohort 2

FY10 (Federal Year 2010) 

Awarded to the Achievement School District (ASD), Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), and Memphis City Schools

Year 2 Amendments July 2013

Cohort 1


FY09 (Federal Year 2009) 

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