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Educator Resources

Teaching is one of our state’s most important jobs. We are deeply thankful to our educators for their hard work in ensuring our students succeed. Please see the links below for resources created by the state of Tennessee for teachers.

Instruction and Standards

Email with questions about standards and curricular resources.


Email with assessment questions.


  • offers detailed information about teacher evaluation and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • On our TVAAS page, you can read a brief overview of TVAAS and find tips from teachers on how to use TVAAS in the classroom.
  • Login to the TVAAS site to check your score. Or you can view TVAAS scores for any school or district by visiting the public TVAAS site.

Implementation Reports

The department releases annual reports on the teacher evaluation system, detailing lessons learned from each year of implementation as well as recommendations to improve evaluation in the year ahead.

Email if you have questions about your evaluation or TVAAS score.


  • Our licensing page provides information on how to earn or renew your teaching license.

Email  with questions about your educator license.

Email with questions not addressed above.