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Tennessee Charter Schools Reports download pdf file

How Public Charter Schools Can Help All Public Schools Survive Fiscal Austerity and PolicyCombustion

The Future of Charter Schools in Tennessee – TSBA Summer 2011

Starting a Charter School – TCSA October 2011

Charter Schools Workshop 2010

Education Book Reviews

The parenthetical dates at the end of each title represent when the review was written.

  • Grumpy with a side of practical: A review of TOUGH LOVE FOR SCHOOLS: ESSAYS ON COMPLETION, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND EXCELLENCE, by Frederick M. Hess (June 2013)
  • This is bigger than us. A review of FORCES FOR GOOD: THE SIX PRACTICES OF HIGH-IMPACT NON-PROFITS, by Leslie R. Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant (Feb. 2013)
  • “We’re from the government. We’re here to help.” A review of INSTRUCTION TO DELIVER, by Michael Barber (Nov. 2011)
  • The More Things Change . . . A review of THE SEVEN LAWS OF TEACHING (1886), by John Milton Gregory (Aug. 2010)
  • Not Exactly Plato’s Republic: A review of SHOP CLASS AS SOULCRAFT: AN INQUIRY INTO THE VALUE OF WORK, by Matthew B. Crawford (June 2010)
  • A Review of THE RACE BETWEEN EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY, by Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz (Aug. 2010)
  • We Need More Nuts in Education! A review of NUTS! SOUTHWEST AIRLINES’ CRAZY RECIPE FOR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL SUCCESS, by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg (Dec. 2009)
  • Are You Part of an “Education Organization” or a “Learning Organization”? A review of THE MONSTER UNDER THE BED, by Stan Davis and Jim Botkin (Dec. 2009)
  • Who’s on the Bus and Where is it Headed? A review of Jim Collins’ book GOOD TO GREAT: WHY SOME COMPANIES MAKE THE LEAP . . . AND OTHERS DON’T (Sep. 2009)
  • Nurturing Creativity in the Face of Standardized Testing: A review of THE ELEMENT: HOW FINDING YOUR PASSION CHANGES EVERYTHING, by Sir Kenneth Robinson (July 2009)
  • Student engagement through challenging assignments: A review of FLOW: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (May 2009)
  • Giving everyone an inheritance: A review of OUTLIERS: THE STORY OF SUCCESS, by Malcolm Gladwell (Apr. 2009)
  • The Place of Education in THE GOOD SOCIETY: A Review of the book by John Kenneth Galbraith (April 2009)
  • TOUGH CHOICES OR TOUGH TIMES –In Tennessee: A review of the report by the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce (Mar. 2009)
  • Why any Green Revolution Has to Start at School: A review of Thomas Friedman’s HOT, FLAT AND CROWDED (Jan. 2009)
  • An Easy Recipe: Empowering Leaders, Teachers and Students: A Review of MAKING SCHOOLS WORK: A REVOLUTIONARY PLAN TO GET YOUR CHILDREN THE EDUCATION THEY NEED, by William Ouchi (Nov. 2008)
  • WHAT IF TEACHERS COULD BILL BY THE HOUR? Time and Learning from the Lawyer’s Perspective (Nov. 2008)
  • The THE 8TH HABIT: FROM EFFECTIVENESS TO GREATNESS in the 8th Grade: Applying Stephen Covey’s Leadership Models to Education (Sep. 2008)
  • Breaking up is hard to do, but now is the time to do it: A review of DISRUPTING CLASS: HOW DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION WILL CHANGE THE WAY THE WORLD LEARNS, by Clayton M. Christensen et. al. (July 2008)
  • Why Adults Shouldn’t Play Games with Kids: A review of DOING SCHOOL: HOW WE ARE CREATING A GENERATION OF STRESSED-OUT, MATERIALISTIC AND MISEDUCATED STUDENTS, by Denise Clark Pope (July 2008)