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Title V, Part A - Innovative Programs

The purpose of the Title V, Innovative Programs, is to provide funds to local educational agencies to:

  • Support local education reform efforts which support statewide reform efforts;
  • Provide funding to implement promising educational reform programs;
  • Provide a continuing source of innovation and educational improvement, including support for library services and instructional and media materials; and,
  • Meet the special educational needs of at risk and high cost students.

The Title V funds that are designated for districts are awarded by a formula described in the law. Funds may be used only to supplement, and to the extent practical, increase the level of funds that would, in the absence of federal funds, be made available from nonfederal sources. In no case may funds be used to supplant funds from nonfederal sources.

Innovative Programs may include the following areas:

  • Technology related to school-based reform, including professional development in the use of such equipment and software
  • Instructional materials that are tied to education reform and high academic standards and target improvement in student achievement
  • Promising education reform projects
  • Programs to improve higher order thinking skills of disadvantaged students and to prevent students from dropping out of school
  • Programs to combat illiteracy in the student and adult population, including parent illiteracy
  • Programs for gifted and talented students
  • School reform activities consistent with Goals 2000
  • Title I school improvement program