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Alternative Licensure Type II

The Alternative Type I License Is Available For Renewal Only

Click to obtain renewal guidelines of the Alternative Type II license.

Renewal of Out-of-State and On-Line Alternative License

To renew an Alternative Type II License, the school system must provide a recommendation in accordance with local evaluation procedures and submit verification of the teacher's adequate progress in completion of:

  1. The requirements of an out-of-state or on-line state approved alternative licensure program or alternative route program, or
  2. The eleven Tennessee Professional Education Core competencies; and
  3. Taken all the Praxis II examinations, except the PLT, for the endorsement(s) sought.

Resource Information

  1. Alternative Licensure Policydownload pdf file
  2. Cooperating Tennessee School Systemsdownload pdf file
  3. Affiliated Tennessee University/Collegesdownload pdf file
  4. Acceptable Majorsdownload pdf file
  5. Appendix - A Revised (8-2007)download pdf file
  6. Alternative Type II applicationdownload pdf file

An application packet that is missing any one of these items will be returned to the school system with instructions as to which items are missing. This will delay the application process.