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Permit to Teach

The Permit to teach is not a teacher license. The superintendent/director of schools must state the intent to employ an individual to fill a teaching vacancy when a licensed educator cannot be located.

Permit applications may be submitted only in EXTREME hardship cases and after sincere attempts have been made to locate and hire qualified personnel. Job vacancies must be advertised (1) with area colleges and/or universities; (2) in local newspaper(s); and (3) on a state or nationally recognized Internet web site. Copies of the advertisements from ALL three sources must be attached to the Permit application. The authorized official must verify that no licensed educator is available for the type and kind of teaching position in which a vacancy exists. An application for a Permit to teach must verify that the individual to be employed has a Bachelor's degree unless the local school system is applying to fill an occupational education teaching position. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended by the individual must be attached to the Permit application.

Download a Permit Applicationdownload pdf file or call (615) 532-4885 to request the form be mailed to you.

NOTE: Local school systems will be considered "Out of Compliance" with "No Child Left Behind" requirements if issued a Permit for a newly-hired core academic teacher in a school or program funded by Title I. By State Board of Education Rules beginning in 2003-04, a Permit to teach should be issued to an individual for one year only. Any individual employed on a Permit to teach should be coached into alternative routes to full licensure as a teacher.

You may check our Educator License Information web site to verify receipt of licensure information. Unless you already know your license number we suggest first using the public search option to locate your license number by only entering your first and last name as listed on the application. Click on the name, the license information will be revealed. If you already hold a license and know your license number you may use the Educator Log in option.