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Renewal of Alternative Type E Teacher Licenses

The Alternative License Type E is issued for one school year and may be renewed for two additional school years if a superintendent/director of schools in Tennessee states intent to re-employ the applicant each year and if the applicant meets renewal requirements each year.

To renew this license, the applicant must meet admission requirements to an approved teacher preparation program. Upon meeting admission requirements to the program, the college or university Certification Officer will evaluate all transcripts and prepare a program of studies which lists the applicant's areas of coursework deficiency (not to exceed 24 semester hours of professional education coursework) for obtaining a full teacher license via the Alternative E licensure route. To satisfy renewal requirements, the applicant must complete a minimum of six semester hours from the list of coursework deficiencies each year. These six hours must have been earned after the Alternative License Type E was last issued or last renewed.

Download Application for Renewal of Alternative Type E Licensedownload pdf fileor call (615) 532-4885 to request the form be mailed to you. The application form also includes a list of regulations and guidelines regarding renewal.

The following paperwork must be sent to the Tennessee Office of Teacher Licensing in a single packet for the renewal of an Alternative License Type E to be processed:

  1. The Application for Renewal of Alternative License Type E must be signed by a Tennessee superintendent/director of schools stating intent to re-employ the applicant.
  2. A program of studies signed by the Certification Officer at an approved college or university. The program of studies must state that the applicant has met admission requirements to a specific teacher preparation program and must list all coursework deficiencies for full licensure (not to exceed 24 semester hours of professional education coursework). It must also indicate that the applicant has completed at least six semester hours of coursework from this list of deficiencies since the Alternative License Type E was last issued or last renewed. To obtain this program of studies, the applicant must contact the Certification Officer in the College or Department of Education at a college or university with an approved teacher preparation program in the desired area of endorsement.
  3. An official transcript reflecting the required six semester hours credit earned for renewal purposes. (Photocopies or grade reports are not acceptable.)

An application packet that is missing any one of these items will be returned to the applicant with instructions as to which items are missing. This will delay the renewal process.