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Renew Your Teaching License

A Tennessee teaching license is issued for a specific time period and must be renewed. Prior to the end of the validity period, educators must inquire about renewal procedures for their particular license. Each type of license has specific renewal requirements. Coursework may or may not be required depending on education level attained and the amount and type of experience accrued during the validity of the license. Before taking any academic courses for use as renewal courses, it is recommended to check with the Tennessee Office of Teacher Licensing to make sure it is appropriate coursework for the type license you held.

Click on the type of license you wish to renew for specific instructions.

You can apply to renew your license online through the Educator License Information (ELI) website. The ELI site allows educators to monitor all information related to their license, apply to add endorsements, apply to renew their licenses and edit personal information through an easy to use online interface. Read more about ELI, including instructions for using the site, or proceed to ELI.