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Renew JROTC License

To renew a JROTC License, the educator must submit to the Office of Teacher Licensing the same items as for issuance. 

  1. A completed application for a Tennessee JROTC license
  2. Copy of valid JROTC training certificate
  3. Official transcripts/degrees earned in colleges/university in the United States since the orignal issuance of license.
  4. Verification that the applicant is currently employed in a JROTC program in a Tennessee school system. 

Click to download JROTC applicationdownload pdf file or call (615)532-4885 to request a renewal application be mailed to you.

Verification of Application/License Status - You may check our Educator License Information web site to verify receipt of licensure information. Unless you already know your license number we suggest first using the public search option to locate your license number by only entering your first and last name as listed on the application. Click on the name, the license information will be revealed. If you already hold a license and know your license number you may use the Educator Log in option.