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The department administers and coordinates the bidding, reviewing, listing, adoption and approval process for textbooks used by Tennessee schools. The department also implements the rules, policies and procedures established by the Tennessee Textbook Commission and the State Board of Education regarding textbooks.

The State Textbook Commission is responsible for recommending an official list of textbooks to the Tennessee State Board of Education (SBOE) for approval. Once the SBOE has approved a list of textbooks, it is the responsibility of local boards of education to decide which textbooks to use in their districts.

Official List of Textbooks

A listing of approved textbooks by content area is available from the Tennessee Book Company. The site also includes review information.

Textbook Adoption Cycles & Timeline

Upcoming Textbook Commission Meetings & Meeting Workshops

View complete list of Workshops and Meetings here.

Monday, Sep. 22, 2014

  • Meeting Workshop: 8:30 a.m. CST, Room 29, Legislative Plaza, Nashville, TN - Agenda
  • Meeting: 10:15 a.m. CST, Room 29, Legislative Plaza, Nashville, TN - Agenda

Monday, Oct. 6, 2014

  • Meeting Workshop: 10:00 a.m. CST, Room 16, Legislative Plaza, Nashville, TN - Agenda
  • Meeting: 12:30 p.m. CST, Room 16, Legislative Plaza, Nashville, TN - Agenda

A live-stream is available here.

Public Review of Math Textbooks

The math textbooks that are being considered for state approval should now be available for public review at the ten district collection sites across Tennessee (view the list of collection sites and locations here).

Those interested in reviewing the textbooks should contact the director of the textbook collection site in their area. Comments on the textbooks can be submitted in paper form or online here. All public comments received by July 15, 2014 will be shared with publishers and considered in the math state textbook review process. If submitting public comments in hard copy, the public feedback form should be sent by July 15, 2014 to Monty Wilson, Deputy Director of Content and Resources, Tennessee Department of Education, 11th Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower, Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0379.

Roles and Responsibilities

The following entities play key roles in the textbook adoption process.

Tennessee General Assembly

  • Adopts legislation related to the adoption of textbooks for k-12 public schools.
  • Adopted legislation that created the Textbook Commission.


  • Appoints nine members of the Textbook Commission.

State Board of Education

  • Approves the state list of textbooks after receiving recommendations from the Commission.
  • May promulgate rules and regulations related to the adoption of textbooks for public schools.

State Textbook Commission

  • Determines process for textbook review.
  • May appoint members to textbook review committees.
  • Prepares and recommends a list of standard edition textbooks for approval by the State Board of Education for use in the public schools of the state.
  • May promulgate rules establishing minimum manufacturing standards and specifications for textbooks and establishing the conditions under which it contracts with publishers.
  • May make contracts with the publishers.
  • May make regulations governing distribution of all textbooks under contract.

State Textbook Commission

  • Advise the commission on book selections.

State Textbook Review Committees

  • Provides administrative assistance to the Commission.

Local Districts

  • Solely authorized and required to adopt textbooks to be used in the public schools of their school districts from the list of textbooks listed for adoption by the commission.
  • Creates and appoints members to local review committees.
  • May make textbooks available for public comment during the local process.

Download Roles & Responsibilities

Overview of the Adoption Process

Textbooks for each subject area are reviewed and approved on a six year cycle. Download an outline of approximate dates for each stage of the adoption process.

Learn more about the Textbook Adoption Process.

Laws, Rules, and Policies

The following laws pertaining to textbooks in Tennessee can be found by searching Tennessee Code at Lexis Nexis.

Title 49, Chapter 3, Part 310 Textbook and other instructional supplies

  • 49-3-310. Textbooks and other instructional materials. —

Title 49, Chapter 6, Part 22 Textbooks

  • 49-6-2201. Textbook commission. —
  • 49-6-2202. Listing of approved textbooks. —
  • 49-6-2203. Contracts with publishers. —
  • 49-6-2204. Distribution of contracted textbooks. —
  • 49-6-2205. Emergency rules for textbook adoption. —
  • 49-6-2206. Use of unapproved books. —
  • 49-6-2207. Adoption of textbooks by local board. —
  • 49-6-2208. Disposal of surplus textbooks. —
  • 49-6-2209. Existing contracts preserved. —
  • 49-6-2210. Repealed—
  • 49-6-2211 Student access to textbooks
  • 49-6-2212— 49-6-2220. [Reserved.]
  • 49-6-2221. [Repealed.]

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