Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society

About the Society:

Founded as an educational group dedicated to the preservation of the paleoindian village known as Chucalissa Indian Village, the Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society (MAGS) has been around since 1951. It's members have been active in many local archaeological and geological endeavors, including the discovery of a mastodon fossil along the banks of Nonconnah Creek in Memphis, Tennessee. September 29th of each year has been set aside as MAGS Day [in conjunction with the official charter date of the club, September 29, 1958]. You can celebrate this date by: [01] volunteering at [or visiting] an archaeological, geological, natural science, or earth science museum in your area; or [02] volunteering to help teach [or participating in earning] Girl Scout or Boy Scout badges related to the fields of archaeology or geology; or [03] learning about archaeology or geology by visiting your local library and checking books on the subject; or [04] participating in a field trip or dig involving archaeology or geology.

The objectives of this society shall be as set out in the Charter of Incorporation issued by the State of Tennessee on September 29, 1958, as follows: for the purpose of promoting an active interest in the geological finds and data by scientific methods; to offer possible assistance to any archaeologist or geologist in the general area covered by the work and purposes of this society; to discourage commercialization of archaeology and work to its elimination and to assist in the younger members of the society; to publicize and create further public interest in the archaeological and geological field in the general area of the Mid-South and conduct means of displaying, publishing and conducting public forms for scientific and educational purposes.

For more information about MAGS visit their website and check out this write up by the C.H. Nash Museum, which discusses MAGS's history and the important role they played in helping preserve Chucalissa.


President – WC McDaniel
901.274.7706 •

1st VP (Field Trips) – Charles Hill
901.754.1504 •

2nd VP (Adult Programs) – Carol Lybanon
901.757.2144 •

Secretary – Mike Baldwin
901.494.9262 •

Treasurer – Bonnie Cooper
901.444-0967 •

Director (Assistant Field Trips) – Kim Hill
901.388.7572 •

Director (Assistant Programs) – Debbie Schaeffer
901.753.8496 •

Director (Youth Programs) – James Butchko
901.743.0058 •

Director (Assistant Youth Programs) – Leigh Scott
901.743.0058 •

Director (Librarian) – Marc Mueller
615.491.5110 •

Director (Assistant Librarian) – Jane Brandon
901.374.0366 •

Director (Membership Services) – Bob Cooper
901.444-0967 •

Director (Historian) – Leah Gloyd

Newsletter Editor – Matthew Lybanon
901.757.2144 •

Webmaster – Mike Baldwin
901.494.9262 •

Show Chairman – James Butchko
901.743-0058 •

Past President – Paul Sides

Benefits of MAGS membership:

  • You can attend and participate in all events of the club, including [but not limited to] membership meetings, board meetings, rock swaps, field trips and other activities such as museum visits, science fair judging, geology, archaeology and paleonotology presentations at schools, scouting events and community educational fairs.
  • You get free admission to the annual rock, mineral and fossil show sponsored by MAGS held at Agricenter International in Memphis. You also get to volunteer at this annual event.
  • You can participate in field trips sponsored by the Dixie Mineral Council [DMC], which are joint activities between our club and many other similar clubs in the southeast.
  • You get to expand your mind by learning from professionals, educators, and avocational geologists from many scientific arenas.
  • You get to share your knowledge with the membership of MAGS.
  • You can vote on all matters of the club [18-years-old +] as well hold office and help mold the future of MAGS.

To become a member:

If you are interested in becoming a single, family, or junior member of the Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society, attend a meeting and check us out. MAGS meets at 7:00pm on the second Friday of each month (unless otherwise noted). Annual membership dues are: Family $25; Individual $20; Junior $10. If you would like more information about MAGS, please send us an email by clicking here. To apply for membership, visit the MAGS website here and follow the instructions.

General Membership Meetings:

MAGS General Membership Meetings and MAGS Youth Meetings are held at 7:00p on the second Friday of every month, year round. The meetings are held in the Fellowship Hall of Shady Grove Presbyterian Church, 5530 Shady Grove Road, Memphis, TN.

From North I-240, turn west onto Poplar Avenue. At Yates Road, turn right. Shady Grove Presbyterian Church will be on the left at the intersection of Yates and Shady Grove. From South I-240, turn west onto Walnut Grove Road. Turn left onto Yates Road. Shady Grove Presbyterian Church will be on the right at the intersection of Yates and Shady Grove.