Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology

About the Society:

The Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation organized in 1992 to facilitate, assist, and advocate for professionalism in the field of archaeology in the state of Tennessee, and to promote archaeological awareness and stewardship of our past. We are the only statewide archaeological interest organization in Tennessee, and our membership is open to anyone –  whether professional archaeologists or interested members of the public – who supports the purposes of the Council and has an abiding interest in Tennessee’s archaeological heritage.

The TCPA also maintains a list of scheduled public archaeology events occurring in Tennessee here.

The goals of the TCPA are:

  • To facilitate and assist in the practice of professional archaeology in the State of Tennessee
  • To curate, display, and otherwise disseminate archaeological information in the State of Tennessee
  • To stimulate and encourage cooperation between professional and non-professional archaeologists
  • To strengthen the identification of professional archaeology and of qualified archaeologists as professionals
  • To encourage high standards in the practice of archaeology
  • To require ethical behavior and high standards of performance from its membership
  • To assist governmental and other organizations employing archaeologists in the responsible implementation of their duties
  • To support existing legislation and legislative efforts that positively affect cultural resources and to stand against legislative efforts that would negatively affect those resources
  • To provide a broadly-based open forum in which technical, ethical, administrative, and philosophical issues affecting cultural resources can be discussed in a positive atmosphere

For more information about the society, visit their webpage and like them on Facebook. If you have questions about the TCPA, you can contact them via email.

Board and Officers:


Phillip Hodge
President (January 2016 – January 2018)
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Environmental Planning and Permits Division, James K. Polk Bldg Suite 900
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville TN 37243-0334

Sarah Levithol Eckhardt
Secretary-Treasurer (January 2016 – January 2018)
Tennessee Division of Archaeology
Cole Building #3, 1216 Foster Ave
Nashville TN 37243

Jared Barrett
President-Elect (January 2016 – January 2018)
TRC, Inc.
1865 Air Lane Dr. Suite 9
Nashville TN 37210

Board Members At Large

  • Paul Avery (January 2016 – January 2020)
  • Sierra Bow (January 2016 – January 2019)
  • Andrew Gillreath-Brown (January 2014 – January 2018)
  • Hannah Guidry (January 2016 – January 2020)
  • Shannon Hodge (January 2013 – January 2017)
  • Michaelyn Harle (January 2016 – January 2018)
  • Ryan Parrish (January 2015 – January 2019)
  • Jesse Tune (January 2013 – January 2017)


You can join TCPA and take part in efforts to identify and address issues important to the practice of archaeology in Tennessee, as well as fund research projects throughout the state. Our efforts to promote archaeological research and stewardship are entirely funded by membership payments and donations. The TCPA is a state non-profit organization, and will not sell or distribute your contact information to any other organization.

Annual Membership is $10 for students and $20 for all others.  Any additional donation will contribute to the TCPA Research Award fund. Unless otherwise noted, membership payments are credited to the current calendar year.

TCPA  membership and donations are processed safely and securely online via Paypal. You can join the TCPA here.

Research Awards

The Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology provides an annual program of small grants to support archaeological investigations and research within the State of Tennessee. This program is open to all students, researchers, and cultural resource management professionals conducting archaeological investigations within the state and who are TCPA members in good standing. Awards do not generally exceed $600, and are intended to supplement a current or proposed research project.  Recipients are selected through a competitive application process. In cases where more than one outstanding proposal is submitted, TCPA may award more than one grant in lesser amounts. For more information about the Research Award and to see a list of past participants, visit the TCPA webpage here.