Meet the Team

Ryan Egly , UDM Project Manager

Ryan serves as the Project Manager for the Utility Data Management (UDM) platform.  In this role, Ryan leads and coordinates multi-department efforts to collect and analyze the State’s 10,000 monthly utility invoices, with the ultimate goal of reducing the State’s utility consumption and approximately $192.5 million annual utility costs. 


Chad Kimes, Energy Systems Engineer

Chad leads energy efficiency and renewable energy assessments of State facilities, conducts cost and performance analysis, and provides technical engineering support.  He also oversees the implementation of energy measures, assists with development and implementation of the UDM platform, and supports ongoing benchmarking, project identification, and annual reporting of utility costs, usage, and savings related to certain capital projects and operational programs.  


Jeremy McBride, Senior Data Analyst

Jeremy leads statistical analysis for SFUM and assists with the design, management, and utilization of the State’s Utility Data Management (UDM) platform.  He provides technical support for General Government capital projects and operational programs, including the integration of software system projects, ongoing bench-marking, data analysis, project identification, and annual reporting of utility costs, usage, and savings. 


 Natalie Dallriva, Grants Analyst 3

As a Grants Analyst 3 for TDEC OEP, Natalie assists with fiscal and compliance items and oversees the budget for the U.S. DOE-funded State Energy Program.  Natalie also assists the State Facility Utility Management (SFUM) section with data collection and outreach pertaining to SFUM’s utility data management platform for State facilities.  


Amanda Spann, Grants Analyst 2

Amanda is a Grants Analyst 2 with TDEC SFUM. Her primary focus is the Utility Data Management (UDM) project, and her tasks include vendor outreach, platform configuration, Voice of Customer (VOC) services, and conducting training sessions. Amanda has also worked with the State of Tennessee as a Clerk 2 in the Department of Human Services where she assisted with data analytics and billing and provided general administrative support.