City of Bristol Energy Efficiency Assistance Program

In March 2014, TDEC entered into a grant contract with the City of Bristol (City) – Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) to design, develop and deliver the Energy Efficiency Assistance Program (EEAP), a grant initiative to provide qualifying low to moderate income homeowners with a free in-home energy evaluation, a customized implementation plan by the local utility, Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) and up to $20,000 in financial assistance to install recommended energy efficiency upgrades. 

EEAP was funded by a Clean Air Act settlement agreement between King Pharmaceuticals, LLC, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and TDEC. OEP managed the grant contract and project for TDEC. 

With a goal of customer-focused service, Bristol Community Development Specialist Donna Malone, TDEC OEP’s Angela McGee, and TDEC OSP’s Jan Compton collaborated to ensure that a total of 47 homes were upgraded by the close of the program on June 30, 2016. Under this program, a total of 442 windows, 84 doors, 21 refrigerators, and 8 carbon monoxide detectors were replaced.  Electrical upgrades were completed on 24 homes, and 43 homes received new insulation.  HVAC upgrades were completed on 30 homes.  Of these 30 homes, 25 were using kerosene heaters and/or burning wood either because their HVAC had stopped working or did not function properly. 

The program has strong Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification elements and has been and will continue to provide data regarding residential energy usage in the area. OEP will continue to work with the City of Bristol to understand how energy efficiency policies and programs can benefit its residents.

For more information, contact Angela McGee, Office: 615-532-7816.