Tennessee Volkswagen Settlement Environmental Mitigation Trust Public Participation

The Volkswagen (VW) Diesel Settlement requires VW to establish a $2.7 billion mitigation trust fund to be distributed among states for defined eligible projects that reduce NOx. Each state or jurisdiction’s allocation is based on the number of registered illegal VW vehicles within its boundaries. Using this allocation methodology, Tennessee is expected to be eligible to receive approximately $42 million. 

Governor Haslam has identified TDEC as the lead agency for purposes of administering the state’s trust allocation.  Once the trust is established, TDEC will follow the steps outlined in the settlement to apply for beneficiary status on behalf of the state, and will provide opportunity for stakeholder input regarding use of the trust funds. 

Tennessee VW Settlement Environmental Mitigation Trust Comment Form

TDEC has developed a web-based form to allow interested stakeholders to submit comments regarding the state’s utilization of environmental mitigation trust fund monies associated with the VW diesel settlement. All comments are received by TDEC’s Office of Energy Programs (OEP) for review.

Public Outreach

During the development of Tennessee’s beneficiary mitigation plan, TDEC will conduct public outreach regarding the VW settlement environmental mitigation trust and its implementation in Tennessee. To receive notifications regarding TDEC’s public outreach efforts, sign up for the TDEC VW Environmental Mitigation Trust email list here.