Tire Environmental Act Program

In 2015, the Tennessee Automotive Association partnered with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and the General Assembly to establish the Tire Environmental Fund. At the time of the first retail sale in Tennessee of a new motor vehicle that is to be titled and registered in Tennessee, a flat fee based on the number of the vehicle’s wheels is assessed. The purpose of the fee is to fund projects creating or supporting beneficial end use for waste tires. The fee will provide Tennessee with an estimated $1.2 million the first year to fund the Tire Environmental Act Program and these funds are to be paid to qualified applicants as grants. Any funds not used in a fiscal year will be carried over to the next fiscal year for use as needed.

How is this program funded?

Fees are generated from the purchase of new motor vehicles to be titled and registered in the state: 

Five Dollars ($5.00) for a motor vehicle with four (4) or fewer wheels,

Ten Dollars ($10.00) for a motor vehicle with more than four (4) but fewer than eleven (11) wheels, and 

Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) for a motor vehicle with eleven (11) or more wheels.

Purpose of the Tire Environmental Act  Program:

The purpose of the Tire Environmental Act Program is to select and fund projects that best result in one of the beneficial end uses for waste tires identified below. The Tire Environmental Act Program provides financial assistance to private industries, municipal governments, county governments, and other entities in Tennessee to purchase, install, and construct projects that fit into one of the following eligible project categories:

1. Tire Recycling: Eligible entities that receive Tennessee tires and process them into a useable end product.

2. Tire Derived Product Use: Eligible entities that use Tennessee waste tires in a manner that is considered a beneficial use.

3. Research, Testing, and Development: Tennessee companies, Tennessee colleges/universities, or entities that conduct research, testing, or development of beneficial uses for Tennessee waste tires.

4. Facility Improvements: Eligible entities that recycle or use recycled Tennessee tires and need facility improvements.


The minimum grant request is $10,000.  The applicant must, at a minimum, match the grant amount requested. The applicant must specify the match percentage as one of the following:

  • 50% Grant / 50% Match; or
  • Greater than 50% Match (amount specified)


Application and Manual are available under the Related Links tab.