Current Environmental Documents for Public Comment

Tennessee Local Development Authority (TLDA)

The TLDA is delegated the responsibility for issuing bonds and notes to provide funds to make loans to (1) local governments for water, sewer and solid waste resource recovery facilities; (2) certain small business concerns for pollution control facilities; (3) local government units for capital projects; (4) farmers for certain capital improvements; (5) counties for the acquisition of equipment for use by county or volunteer fire departments serving unincorporated areas; (6) airport authorities and municipal airports; (7) mental health/mental retardation and drug facilities; and (8) to reimburse reasonable and safe cleanup of petroleum sites.

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Current Categorical Exclusions

Applicant Project Issue Date

Comment Period
Expiration Date

Chattanooga CW6 2018-405 and SRF 2018-406
WWTP Improvements & CSOTF Improvements
10/20/2017 11/20/2017
Fayetteville CW6 2018-407 I/I Correction
Figure 1 - Project Area
09/01/2017 10/02/2017
Bell Buckle DW6 2018-200
Booster Pump Station Replacement
08/18/2017 09/18/2017

Current Finding of No Significant Impact Statements/Environmental Assessments

Applicant Project Issue Date

Comment Period
Expiration Date

Franklin CG5 2017-375, SRF 2017-376 & SRF 2017-398
FNSI/EA Amendment
WWTP Expansion, Biosolids Improvements & Water Reclamation Improvements
8/28/2017 Note: This is an amendment only.
Comments have been received & addressed.
This posting is for informational purposes only.

State Revolving Fund Green Project Reserve Business Cases

Applicant Project
Lenoir City Green - I/I Correction
Troy CG5 2017-397-I/I Correction & Pump Station Rehabilitation
Paris CG5 2017-381 & SRF 2017-382 WWTP Improvements & Collection System Rehabilitation
Jasper CG3 2018-400 and SRF 2018-401 Green I/I Correction
Oak Ridge CG4 2017-356, GREEN – I/I Correction
Erwin GREEN-DG5 2017-186 & DWF 2017-187 Distribution System Improvements
Franklin GREEN-Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvements-Biosolids Improvements


Additional Guidance and Resources for Green Business Models can be found from: