Design Phase

During the Design Phase of all State Revolving Fund (SRF) projects, the technical staff participates in a Pre-design Conference and Interim Design Conferences with the loan recipient and their consulting engineer in order to review and approve project Plans and Specifications and Addenda.

Pre-design and Interim Design Conference

A Pre-design Conference attended by the Loan recipient’s designee and the consulting engineer is held at the offices of the Loan recipient. At a minimum, the considerations for the SRF Loan Program loan, design, and general issues listed below are discussed at the Pre-design Conference.

Interim Design Conferences

Interim Design Conferences attended by the consulting engineer and the engineering staff responsible for the design of the project are usually held at the consulting engineer´s office. Interim Design Conferences are generally held at the 30-percent and 80-percent design completion stages or on an as-needed basis. A 30-percent Interim Design Conference concentrates on basic design information including facility location, arrangement of structures, geotechnical investigation results, status of easement acquisitions, Inter-municipal Agreements, required ordinances and permits, and project scheduling. An 80-percent Interim Design Conference focuses on specific design features and the means and methods necessary to construct the planned facility.

Loan Considerations

  • Project Funding
  • Design Team Contacts
  • Project Scheduling
  • Interim Design Reviews
  • Plans/Specifications Submittal
  • Plans/Specifications Approval
  • Special SRF Loan Conditions

Design Considerations

  • State Design Criteria
  • Operating Permit Limitations
  • Sludge Disposal Site / Method (Clean Water Projects only)
  • Stream Reliability Classification (Clean Water Projects only)
  • Engineering Design Report
  • Bonding and Insurance
  • MBE/WBE Solicitation
  • Davis-Bacon Wage Rates
  • American Iron and Steel Requirements
  • Bid Proposals
  • Retainage
  • Procurement Regulations
  • Force Account Labor
  • Job Site Safety Responsibilities

General Considerations

  • Easement Acquisitions
  • Construction and Environmental Permits
  • Inter-municipal Agreements

Plans and Specifications and Addenda Review

Four copies of Plans and Specifications (and any subsequent Addenda thereto) and a Design Report that includes hydraulic calculations, kinetic equations, and a mass balance, where applicable, must be submitted to the SRF Loan Program. The submittal must also include a check for the required fee calculated in accordance with the State´s Plans Review Fee criteria. The SRF Loan Program will coordinate with the Division of Water Resources for their concurrent review of the documents. The documents will be reviewed in accordance with the Tennessee´s Design Criteria for Sewage Works and Community Water Systems, and applicable Clean Water State Revolving Fund and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund requirements.

In addition, the SRF Loan Program will review the bidding and contract documents in the project manual to ensure that these documents are consistent with the SRF Loan Program-approved plans, specifications, and scope of work. Required bidding information includes general and supplemental conditions, bonding and insurance requirements, Minority Business Enterprise / Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) solicitation information, and SRF project sign details. The SRF Loan Program will also review and approve other SRF-required project submittals including Sewer Use Ordinances, applicable Pre-treatment Ordinances and Inter-municipal Agreements, and all other mandatory items that were discussed at the Pre-design and Interim Design Conferences. Prior to approval of the Plans and Specifications, the SRF Loan Program will verify that all necessary easements have been acquired and properly documented.

Following the Plans and Specifications or Addenda review, the SRF Loan Program will prepare a comment letter documenting any deficiencies that were observed. These comments will be forwarded to the consulting engineer and copied to the SRF loan recipient for timely correction of deficiencies. The SRF Loan Program will approve Plans and Specifications and/or Addenda only when the construction documents contain no deficiencies and when the SRF Loan Program and the Division of Water Resources concur that the documents are ready for approval. The review and approval of Plans and Specifications and and/or Addenda typically require approximately 30 days to complete when no deficiencies exist.

Project Sign Details

Below are links to Project Sign Detail pages in files using Adobe Acrobat PDF format that can be used as inserts in specifications books.

Clean Water SRF Loans

Drinking Water SRF Loans

Inserts for Specifications

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