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Sustainable State Government


Christina Treglia
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Mission Statement

As leaders, our mission is to develop a sustainable culture throughout State Government. We will model this culture in TDEC and assist state agencies in implementing best practices that improve efficiency, reduce environmental impacts, and contribute to fiscally-sound government. Action-based approaches will focus on travel, building and purchasing.

Sustainability Project

Fresh and Healthy Eating at Tennessee State Parks' Farm to Tables

Locally-sourced food was served up at this past Wednesday's farm to table event at Paris Landing State Park Inn as the kick-off of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation's (TDEC) Farm to Table program. State and government officials, community leaders, park staff, and local farmers teamed to make the event a success, hosting a meet-and-greet followed by a short informational session about the benefits and goals of the Farm to Table program. Commissioner Bob Martineau of TDEC and Commissioner Julius Johnson of TDA were both at the event, as well as a heritage breed pork farmer, a Piedmontese beef farmer, a pasture raised meat farmer, a vegetable farmer, and a winery.

Farm to Table restaurants are becoming increasingly popular in response to consumer desire to know the origin of their food, and also as part of governmental effort to support local enterprise. Additionally, the current generation is disconnected from commodity source, and the Farm to Table program will help to educate children about where their food is coming from and how it gets to them. The program not only provides opportunity for young farmers just starting their careers, but presents farming as a feasible and interesting career path, one whose outcome is well worth all the early mornings.

Fresh vegetables, high quality meats, and eating right build a healthy future for Tennesseans. Paris Landing State Park Inn will provide buffet signage informing diners where the fresh produce or meat came from, creating awareness and interest in the Farm to Table Program. Tennessee's on the path to a healthier future, starting at Paris Landing State Park!