Responsibilities of the Division

  • Work with other state agencies in the protection and management of archaeological sites on state lands
  • Survey the state to identify and record archaeological sites 
  • Excavate, protect and preserve prehistoric and historic sites
  • Conduct research and encourage public cooperation and responsibility for site preservation
  • Publish archaeological findings in scientific and popular formats

The Technical Assistance Group is responsible for the protection of archaeological sites and artifacts on all lands owned or controlled by the state. This group also provides technical assistance for state agencies (including State Parks), law enforcement, municipalities, development communities, and the general public. Assistance is offered to public and private entities on legal and technical aspects of prehistoric Native American cemetery relocation and related concerns. This group also conducts research and publishes reports on archaeological subjects. 

The Site File and Review Group maintains accurate records on all known archaeological sites in the state, and coordinates with state agencies to assess impacts of proposed activities on known or suspected sites. This group also provides expertise to the State Historic Preservation Office by reviewing federal undertakings to determine their impact on archaeological resources.