The Division of Solid Waste Management (DSWM) recognizes the importance of public input in the permitting process. Public notices are used to advise the public about new applications, tentative and final permit decisions, and opportunities for the public to provide input into the decision making process. Public notices may be placed in local newspapers, and radio stations may be used to broadcast a notice.

Members of the public can also request to have notices sent directly to their attention. DSWM maintains the Solid/Hazardous Waste Management Mailing List for this purpose. To be added to the mailing list, please complete and submit a Mailing List Request form (CN-0837). If you have any questions concerning this form, you may contact the Division of Solid Waste Management at Solid.Waste@tn.gov or 615-532-0788.

Additional information about the facilities and permits addressed by these notices may be found in the Solid Waste Management Dataviewer.


  • **Public Rulemaking Hearing to be held December 18 in Nashville**
    The Division of Solid Waste Management has filed a Notice of Rulemaking Hearing with the TN Secretary of State's office.  DSWM proposes to amend Chapter 0400-11-01 Solid Waste Processing and Disposal. A redlined version of the rules is available to assist public review. Comments are due by December 22.
  • Revised Definition of Solid Waste - Adopted Rule Packages 2015b and 2015c - stayed until January 4, 2018
    These rule packages​ have been adopted by the State.  A 75 Day Stay of Effective Date of Rules was filed on July 20, 2017, and the Board subsequently stayed the effective date until January 4, 2018. Generators are responsible for being in compliance with the rules on the new effective date. Copies of these rules, and regulatory status, can also be obtained from the Secretary of State's webpage. The 2015c rule package contains the new Definitions  of Solid Waste and Hazardous Secondary Materials.  Please contact the Division of Solid Waste Management  for discussion and guidance.

Public Notices