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Conasauga River Watershed (03150101) of the Alabama River Basin – Group 1 (2002)

In 2014 TDEC hosted a joint meeting for the Conasauga River Watershed and the Ocoee River Watershed. This was the first event for the Conasauga River watershed and the fourth for the Ocoee River Watershed since the implementation of the watershed management approach in 1996. This event brought together many different agencies, groups and citizens and successfully engaged the public by sharing information about the people who live in the watershed and the activities and projects that are in place or are being planned. Agencies and groups had the chance to seek opportunities to collaborate efforts and citizens had a chance to learn about their watershed and about water quality issues. Displays filled the room and even the outside of the building too! This was a great chance for hands on education for all ages.

(Some partners in attendance: Local citizens, Tennessee Aquarium, Southeast TN Resource Conservation & Development Council, Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA Forest Service, TN State Parks, US Army Corps of Engineers, TN Department of Transportation Beautification Office, TN Department of Agriculture Forestry, TN Department of Agriculture 319 Program, TN Stream Mitigation Program, Tennessee Valley Authority, University of TN Extension, UT Smart Yards, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Conasauga River Alliance, TDEC Division of Remediation, Polk County Soil & Conservation District)

Water Quality Management Plan

Collins River Watershed Map


Waters with EPA Approved Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)

Conasauga River - Total Maximum Daily Load for Pathogens in the Conasauga River Watershed. Approved 10/17/2005.