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Cast and Crew Calls

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Come out and join the Nashville Film Institute on August 23 from 10am- 2pm for casting Students final and silent films! There will be speaking and nonspeaking roles so come out and give it a go! Here is what they are looking for:

I’m a Werewolf, but that’s OK
By: Michael Butts
Hairy, who happens to be a werewolf is addicted to the killing aspect of his condition. His wife Sally, feels different and if Hairy can’t control his addiction he may just ruin his marriage.
Hairy, a 20s – 30s semi-attractive dorky guy.
Sally, a pale 20s – 30s attractive woman.
Contact Micheal @ for more information!


By: Derrick Hannah
In a post- apocalyptic world where meteors fall from the sky on a regular basis, Preacher, a deeply troubled man of God, seeks vengeance on his brother, who has become addicted to a new drug made from the meteors called Star Dust, for the murder of his family.
Preacher- Protagonist 
Middle-aged Rugged 
Markus- Antagonist 
Middle-aged rough looking
Levi- Hooded informant 
short reclusive man 
Jobe- junkie bandit 
Last four need to be skinny
Sasha- junkie bandit
Marty- Junkie Bandit
Seth- Junkie Bandit
Contact Derrick at for more information!


Demons of Addiction
by Bryan Cole
Main Cast
Tim - Mid-Late 30’s White Male
Will - Mid-late 20’s White Male
Tim’s Wife - Mid-Late 30’s White Female
Tim’s Daughter - 8-13 White Female
Tim’s Son - 8-13 White Male
Tim’s Best Friend - Mid-Late 30’s White Male
Tim’s Police Partner - Early-Mid 30’s White Male
Truck Driver - 30’s-40’s White Male
For more information contact Bryan at!


Life Goes on by J Wiley
Joe, a lonely widower is on the verge of suicide after loosing his young bride. Sweety I "friend" is there to comfort him in his time of need and pulls him back from the brink. Love springs up between the two of them. At first he can barley remember his past life he is so happy with Sweety. As the years go by Joe's love for her fades and turns to resentment. Joe goes back to where he was at the beginning of the story, contemplating suicide. Not because of the wife that he lost but because of the wife he has now. "life goes on" not always for the better.
Joe- Need an actor that can play a young and old version of Joe. Age 18-35
Sweety- Need an actress who can play young and old Sweety. Age 18-35
For more information Contact J at


Post Nuclear Family by Gerry Scott
A zombie wanders through a forest looking for brains. While stumbling through the forest the Zombie trips over a tree root and falls shoulder first into a tree knocking his arm off. He takes a few steps before looking back and noticing that it has fallen off. He then goes back and reattaches it using his belt. He surprises a lone man at a campfire and bites the man’s achilles tendon off. The man tries to get away but the zombie catches him. Just as it seems that the zombie has won, his previously damaged arm comes off but remains firmly grasping the man’s shoulder. It seems that the man was about to get away, but using his still good arm the zombie grabs his detached arm and yanks. The man falls to the ground backwards and the zombie falls on him. Fade to black as we hear the sound of tearing flesh. Zombie wanders back the way he came carrying the fresh brains. Finally, the first zombie arrives at a house carrying the brains, now with leaves and dirt stuck to it. Outside a woman and little girl zombie await him and give him a big family hug before eating the brains.
Zombie: Male 30 years old
Jeb: Male 30-50 years old thin years old scraggly beard
Mom Zombie: Female 30s years old
Girl Zombie: female 8-13 years old
For more information Contact Gerry at


Sammuel silent film
Kyle: 16 looking(needs to be at least 18)
Dad: late 30's, alcoholic
Officer Mike: late 20's, early 30's, relatively fit
Seth(Vagrant Stranger): late 30's, scruffy looking
Wayne(Thug Dealer): early to late 20s, fit
For more information Contact Sammuel at


Chase silent film:
Death- Sized in contrast to Maxwell (tall if he’s short, short if he’s tall), dark robe covering the whole body, gloved hands. Thin frame, again hidden by hooded robe.
Maxwell- Male, 20s-30s, possibly fair haired, medium build. Likely tall, office worker but who works out.

For more information Contact Chase at

(posted 8/20/14)

Watkins College of Art, Design & Film Casting Call

Watkins College of Art, Design & Film will hold a general casting call for Spring 2014 student film projects on Saturday, September 13, at the Watkins campus in Metro Center.

Directors of more than 20 productions–from the film programs at Watkins and, for the first time, Belmont University–will be looking for actors of all ages. Student films are being made under the SAG/AFTRA student film agreement and therefore all current union members are allowed to participate. Actors are asked to bring headshots and résumés.


Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script (with on-camera readings at the discretion of each director). Casting breakdowns and proposed shoot dates (usually over a 3-day/Friday–Sunday period) will be posted to as available and distributed on site.

Audition slots will be divided according to gender and age throughout the day (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.); individual appointments are not available.


  • 10 to 11 a.m. – Leading men, age range 19-40
  • 11 a.m. to noon – Leading and character men, age range 40 and up
  • Noon to 1 p.m. – Leading women, age range 19-40
  • 1 to 2 p.m. – Leading and character women, age range 40 and up
  • 3 to 4 p.m. – Children and youth, age range 8-18


Visit for more information or email Watkins is located at 2298 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard in Metro Center (across from the Looby). Free parking is available in the campus lot.


All cast members will be invited to a screening of projects at the end of the semester and will have access to an online copy of the film and a quick-time file (without music) to cut into a reel.


Visit .


(posted 8/19/14)

Audition Announcement for Short Film

Watkins School of the Arts will be holding auditions for the short film “Miss Right Next Door” Produced and Written by Bridget Vaughan.  “Miss Right Next Door” is a romantic comedy about a man who is madly in love with his next door neighbor.


The auditions will be held:
Sunday, August 24,  2014 @ 2:30  to 5:00 pm
Watkins School of Arts
2298 Rosa Parks Blvd
Nashville, TN  37228


They are seeking the following talent:
Derrick – age 25 to 30; average look, heavy set (white male)
Pam – age 25 to 30, attractive, petite built (white female)
Emory – Age 35 to 45, average look, nice physique (white male)
Albert –age 25 to 30, handsome look, average built (white male)
Real Estate Agent – age 30 to 50, attractive, average built (black female)
Extras needed for non-speaking parts (any race, age and gender)
Also need two young children ages 6-10 to play Emory’s kids


Please send a resume and headshot to .  For more info, you may text or call (214) 914-1959


There is a small compensation for speaking parts.


(posted 8/18/14)

Auditions for Musical Play Reading Series

The Metro Nashville Parks Theatre Department’s new play reading series will be holding auditions for the musical “Choking Out the Kudzu.”


Audition note:  Must have no and anticipate no conflicts for the rehearsal and performance dates:


Auditions Interview date:  9/4, afternoon/evening
Call backs:  9/5 all day
Read through: 9/5 evening
Performance:  October 20th Nashville, TN


  1. Seeking actors with strong acting and vocal skills;
  2. Sides and exact location will be provided;
  3. Bring picture & resume stapled together;
  4. Must be willing to do at least 4 onsite REHEARSALS (10/16 through 10/19), as well as via Skype, as Director determines is needed.


Elderly woman is unwillingly dumped by her son in a nursing home. Stella volunteers there and tries to cheer her up but encounters a cantankerous, despondent Bessie.  But when Bessie discovers Stella's secret desire to be a singer/songwriter, their friendship builds bonds and breaks down walls. 


STELLA PIERCE (LEAD) is a woman in her 50's.  Loves her family, is a good mother of 2 teenagers, and helps her husband run their small property rental business from home.  Has spent her married life managing home and family so that her husband could create a career and her children could succeed in school and extracurricular activities, never considering her own needs or wants.  Has always assessed her worth by the success of her family and by their limited, but valued, acknowledgment of her.  She is a “Super Mom” who does it all and thinks what she does isn’t worth much.  (13 songs)  Requires ability to learn melody from a CD.   Stipend $100.


BESSIE RYAN (LEAD) is an elderly woman - spry, dynamic, with a mischievous and independent attitude.  She’s soft spoken and refined, but can be firm, sarcastic, and heard when necessary.  She is a retired teacher who, with her husband, renovated a dilapidated French Quarter building and turned it into a successful B & B, entertaining dignitaries from around the world, until she and her husband separated but never divorced.  Is cosmopolitan, a world traveler, loves Mozart, sweet sherry, walks along the bay, and her garden. Becomes a surrogate mother to Stella, her inspiration, and a catalyst for change.  Has one child – Martin - an anesthesiologist, who is her one heartbreak/regret.  They have been distant for many years.  He has her committed to a nursing home so as not to be inconvenienced.  He never visits her.  She feels abandoned and betrayed but longs to hold him.  She is angry and despondent when Stella meets her.   (4 songs)  Requires ability to learn melody from a CDStipend $100.


GARDENIA AMOS is an uneducated, middle-aged, African American nursing assistant at the nursing home where Bessie now lives.  She is a generous woman in build and heart.  She comes from Creole country and is no stranger to soul food.  Has worked hard all her life since her mother died when she was 12 - never knew her father.  As the oldest of five, she took care of her three brothers and her sister.  Sings Gospel in her church choir and has a free and easy attitude about life and the problems we all create for ourselves.  Loves life, finds gentle humor average situations, and is a loving soul.  Takes good care of and loves Bessie.  (2 songs)  Requires ability to learn melody from a CD.   Stipend $50.


FRANK PIERCE - 50's. Work and money are his life and worth.  He is a miser.  Values people for their political importance or wealth. Is always right, arrogant, and callous. Never listens. Relationship with his teenagers is uneasy and shallow. Sees his role as a father as one of disciplinarian.  While he appreciates his wife’s abilities and appropriateness in dress and social situations, he never compliments, but rather criticizes, her.  He is never vulnerable with her; yet, inside, he is a lonely man. (2 songs) Requires ability to learn melody from a CD.  Stipend $50.


ROBIN PIERCE - 18 year old daughter of Stella and Frank.  A senior in high school, she is job hunting and believes she will be an asset to the business community.  She thinks she is just as good as any man and wants to succeed in the corporate world, but her life experience with her Dad and Mom say that her future role should be one of subservience and serving.  (3 songs)  Requires ability to learn melody from a CD.   Stipend $50.


ADAM PIERCE - 16 year old son of Stella and Frank - likes being the pain in his sister’s side.  He struggles with his parents’ attempts to control him and his need to be independent.  He wants to grow into a man but is confused and frustrated, given his primary role model who dominates and demeans him.  Keeps his anger, resentment, and hurt inside.  (1 song)  Requires ability to learn melody from a CD.  Stipend $25.


MARTIN RYAN - Bessie’s only son, an anesthesiologist. In excellent shape, well dressed, arrogant and egotistical.  Married with two children. He is formal, professional, and unattached emotionally, especially, with his mother.  He has a lot of resentment for her.   No singing.  Stipend $25.


(posted 8/13/14)


The specs for this LEAD role are: MALE, Caucasian or mixed race, age range 8-12 years old, weight range 200-300+lbs. (again, NO acting experience required)


'Weightless' is a feature film which will shoot in New York or Pennsylvania in August 2014. It will star Nick Nolte (’48 Hours’ ‘Cape Fear’) and Jason Clarke (‘Zero Dark Thirty’).


The film is about a father (Jason Clarke) whose quiet life gets thrown upside down when he answers a call to take care of his son Will, who’s affected by childhood obesity, after Will’s mother goes missing.


Visit  to apply.


(posted 7/3/2014)


Nashville Season 3 - Crew

Send crew resumes to


(posted 6/5/2014)


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