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State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management

Post Date:
  June 14, 2013
Submittal Deadline:
  July 2, 2013

If you are interested in the project described below:
1. Review the Designer Selection Process.
2. Register with the Office of the State Architect. All Designer's must be registered and updated annually
    in December.  Click on Register and choose the option "Update My Registration" and follow the
    directions to review and update.
3. Download the instructions included in the Designer Letter of Interest.
4. Complete the document specifically for the project in which you have interest.
5. All dates with no time listed shall be constructed to mean midnight CST/CDT.
6. Attach the completed Designer Letter of Interest Form to the appropriate email link.

User Agency:
  Department of the Military
Project Title:
  Nashville HQ Building 100 Renovation
    Clement-Nunally Armed Forces Reserve Center
Project Location:
  Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee
Project MACC
Project Contact:
  Keith Murray
    (615) 313-0602
Project Overview: 

The scope of this project includes exterior envelope and interior demolition, repair, and restoration of the 30,200 square feet Nashville HQ, Building 100 that was constructed in 1962.

The scope of work shall include but not be limited to the following:

Demolition: Exterior demolition shall include the removal of existing windows, canopies, storefront, unserviceable flues and vents, existing EPDM roof system(s), wet or damaged insulation, decking, wood blocking, nailers, perimeter metal flashing and counter flashing, trim, termination points and other roofing or building components that are found to be defective.  Interior demolition shall include removal of damaged gypsum board, plaster walls, ceiling tiles and lighting, flooring, interior doors, water and sanitary infrastructure systems, fixtures, and minimal asbestos removal. Current reports and assessments for abated areas will be provided to the selected designer.

New work for the repair or restoration of the facility will include but not be limited to repair/ replacement of defective roof decking, insulation, installation of a new roof system, wood blocking, nailers, perimeter metal flashing and counter flashing, trim, termination points and other roofing components for a complete watertight and warranted system. Other repair and restoration of the building envelope includes exterior repairs to the brick veneer with cleaning, tuck-pointing, caulking and resealing, remedial work for all openings and lintel supports for proper installation and operation of all new doors and windows to be replaced. Upgrades, expansion, repairs or replacement of the Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing infrastructure and equipment shall include the electrical distribution system, lighting, energy efficient upgrades to the HVAC system and incorporation of energy management controls, instantaneous water heaters, plumbing fixtures, supply and sanitary lines. Finish work shall include wall, ceiling, and floor finishes, bathroom partitions, interior doors and other building components for a complete project.

All work shall be performed in accordance with current federal, state, and local codes and shall address accessibility, to include evaluating the installation of a new elevator, to bring the facility within full compliance. The designer shall provide services in accordance to the most current edition of the Designer’s Manual. The owner is planning to use commissioning services on this project.

Special Design or Submission Requirements:  
  • Nashville Region Designers are preferred for this Nashville Region Project
  • Submit Designer Letter of Interest
  • Must have licensed architects and engineers in the State of Tennessee. Must be capable of providing expertise in areas indicated.


Anticipated SBC Approval Date:
  July 11, 2013
Anticipated Designer Notice to Proceed (NTP) Date:
  September 23, 2013
Anticipated Project Bid Date
  August 1, 2014

             Design or       
       Requirements:   Designer Letter of Interest                             

Please fill out the Letter of Interest and click HERE to submit the document.