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State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management Division

Lease Management

The office of Real Estate Asset Management with the approval of the State Building Commission is requesting proposals from owners of property for lease. The following Lease Proposal Requests are currently active and presented in PDF Format. To view files in PDF format, you need to download and configure the Adobe Acrobat Reader. For information regarding PDF files, visit the information page. This page was updated July 8, 2014.


(Click on transaction number to view)


Nashville RFP TR. 1309902

Amendment 1 Nashville TR. 1309902

Amendment 2 Nashville TR. 1309902

Amendment 3 Nashville TR. 1309902

Amendment 4 Nashville TR. 1309902

Amendment 5 Nashville TR. 1309902



AG Nashville RFP TR. 1405903

Amendment 1 AG RFP TR.1405903



DCS RFP TR. 1405902

Amendment 1 DCS Nashville TR. 1405902

Amendment 2 DCS Nashville TR. 1405902