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Kellee Smith

Family Services Worker
Children’s Services

Kellee Smith began her career in child welfare in 2002 as a Case Worker for the Department of Children’s Services.  Kellee has recently been promoted to her new role, Family Services Worker 3.  Since coming on board with Children’s Services, Kellee has always gone above and beyond for the Department and its customers. Kellee consistently works to improve the lives of the children and families she serves.  She works with parents who have lost custody of their children due to abuse and/or neglect in an effort to reunify the family.  In situations where this is not possible, Kellee exhausts every effort to locate family or kinship. Kellee is also very skilled at maintaining positive working relationships with other program areas and the courts.  She has worked to mentor other staff in order to help them understand the importance of completing case-related tasks timely, so we are better able to obtain suitable permanency for the children in our cases.  Kellee has devoted her entire professional career to the children she serves, making her an incredible asset to the Department and to the state.  Kellee received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Middle Tennessee State University and has two children, a daughter, Trinity (18), and a son, Devon (14).