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Linda Baharloo

Supervisor, TRC Vocational Training Program
Human Services

Linda Baharloo has been serving individuals with disabilities in the Department of Human Services for 26 years and currently holds the title of Supervisor for the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center (TRC) Vocational Training Program.  As the supervisor, Linda is responsible for the effective and efficient operation of eight training classes, which includes the review and revision of all curriculum materials and development of new training opportunities based on local needs and national trends.  Linda’s commitment to the TRC students is evident in her drive to see every student experience success in their program. Linda never focuses on a student’s limitations or disciplinary issues; instead, she asks herself what can be done to assist the individual and help move them forward. Linda always encourages teamwork; not only within her unit, but across all programs. Linda truly loves her job and is highly respected by her staff, co-workers, and colleagues. Linda has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and obtained her Master of Education in Rehabilitation Counseling from Auburn University.