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Thomas Wood

Training Coordinator
Health Care Finance & Administration

Thomas “Tommy” Wood has been with the State of Tennessee for over five years and currently serves as the Training Coordinator in the Division of Long-Term Services and Supports within the Department of Health Care Finance and Administration (HCFA).  Tommy’s responsibilities include a variety of internal and external communication processes, including LTSS training activities, preparation of a monthly newsletter, ongoing review and updates of LTSS information on the website, handling LTSS-related legislative inquiries, and managing member correspondence.  Tommy embodies the core values of HCFA and Tennessee State government in many ways.  He is committed to excellent customer services, consistently going above and beyond in all of his day-to-day responsibilities.  Whether he is conducting a training, mailing a letter about a person’s eligibility for LTSS, or helping a legislator’s constituent resolve a question or concern. Tommy strives to make each customer feel valued and important. Tommy is originally from Kentucky and an alumnus of Western Kentucky University.  Tommy received a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.