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Emerson Boguskie

Highway Response Supervisor

Emerson Boguskie has been in public service most of his life, serving the Metro Nashville Police Department for over 30 years prior to joining the State of Tennessee in 2005.  Emerson continues his love of public service and safety as a Highway Response Supervisor 2 for the Department of Transportation.  Emerson has the ability, in the most horrific situations, to treat crash victims, crash victim’s families, and TDOT employees with the utmost compassion, respect, and dignity. Emerson’s experience during the recent tragedies of two of our TDOT Region 3 employees was and has been an example for all to follow.  During those tragedies, Emerson became the calming influence to our TDOT family, always keeping in mind the grace and reverence deserved in these situations. Emerson exemplifies the core values for the Department of Transportation and is a true asset to the State of Tennessee.