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Robert Million

Cemetery Foreman
Veterans Services

Robert Million has served the Department of Veterans Services for almost 19 years.  Robert currently serves as the Cemetery Foreman for Middle Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery. Robert is responsible for the day-to-day operations of interments, perpetual care, and maintenance of the cemetery grounds. Robert developed and implemented a Grounds Maintenance Plan (GMP) which outlines tasks for equipment operators and cemetery caretakers for the entire calendar year.  Middle TN State Veterans Cemetery has roughly 15,000 visitors a year and due to Robert’s efforts, the department consistently receives accolades on the overall appearance of the cemetery grounds.  Within the past year, the department has not received a single complaint regarding the appearance or professionalism of cemetery employees. Robert’s ability to manage and lead by example has earned him the respect and commitment of his team members, which ultimately results in leaving customers with peace of mind as to why they elected to inter their loved one at Middle TN State Veterans Cemetery.  Robert’s work is always performed in a professional and exemplary manner keeping in the highest traditions of Veterans Services.